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Available in black, dark gray, cherry and metallic gray.

— Valgus, Cyberpunk 2077

The Valgus is an aerial vehicle manufactured by Zetatech in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Although described as a combat drone, the Valgus has a cabin which allows pilots to maneuver the aircraft.

It has been in production since the early 21st century,[2] and were still being manufactured by 2076.[1]

Database Entry[]

Zetatech Valgus


Produced early in the 21st century, the Valgus was Zetatech's first combat drone. At the time, the company was still small and largely unknown, but, in retrospect, the achievement of the Valgus served as a litmus test for Zetatech's future successes and growth. Although slow and clunky, this machine proved to be trusted and reliable, even in hazardous weather conditions and climates. Whether in sweltering heat or biting frost, the Valgus patrolled the skies and eliminated suspicious targets without hesitation. Outdated by todays technological standards and outmatched by contemporary drones, the Valgus still serves dependably along the border of North California and South California. If its deadly precision against defenseless immigrants wasn't still flawless, it likely would have been long retired by now.[2]

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