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The Atlus is an aerial vehicle manufactured by Zetatech in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Database Entry[]

Zetatech Atlus


The Atlus is the flagship product of Zetatech and probably the most popular AV model in Night City, used by both Trauma Team medic squads and N54 News teams. Its characteristic hum can be heard day and night in any district or neighborhood. When parents ask their toddlers what sound an Atlus makes, the little rug rats reply "Woom woom!" as they point up to the smoggy sky. What made the Atlus so successful? The sleek design, attractive price tag and dependable performance helped to be sure. But the most important factor was hiring Kieran Oesterlitz as Zetatech's chief lobbyist. Already on a first name basis with most of the city's bigwigs, Kieran knows that it's personal connections, not technical specs, that sell AVs.[1]


  • The "production year" and "curb weight" seen in the scan result are a placeholder considering all the other AVs in the game have the exact same numbers.



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