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You Know My Name is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Journal Entry[]

Nothing's impossible, huh? Not only you managed to get Mr. Hands to help you, but even got old Solomon Reed to confide in you. You're on a hot streak, V - it seems that even breaking into the best-guarded fortress in Dogtown (maybe even all of Night City) is actually possible. And if you do manage to get Songbird out of there, you should consider buying a bunch of scratch tickets, 'cause Lady Luck is clearly on your side.


  • Enter the flooded tunnels.
  • Put the diving suit on before diving.
  • Proceed down the tunnels.
    • Find a way to progress.
    • Use the panel to open the path.
  • Defeat the warehouse guards.
  • Connect to the CCTV through the security computer.
  • Switch between cameras to track Reed.
  • Open the entry gate
  • Take the elevator to the maintenance area.
  • Ride the elevator.
  • Go to the meeting point.
  • Neutralize the sniper.
  • Jack in.
  • Track down Reed.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Use Kiroshi to find the meeting point.
    • Scan the floor for potential threats. [3] [Optional]
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Identify immediate threats to Reed.
    • Wait until the patrol walks past Reed.
    • Find a way for to open the passage for Reed.
    • Destroy the power source for the gate security systems.
    • Find the progress route for Reed.
    • Take out the guard.
    • Handle the sniper on the balcony.
    • Handle the guard blocking Reed's progress.
      • Use the CCTV system to locate the guard blocking Reed's progress. [Optional]
    • Deal with the incoming guards.
  • Wait for Reed to pass through.
  • Join Reed.
  • Take the elevator to the top floor.
  • Ride the elevator.
  • Follow Reed.
    • Grab your outfit.
    • Put on your eveningwear.
    • Go to the party.
  • Join Reed at the bar once you're ready.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Enjoy the party until Songbird makes contact.
  • Read the message from Songbird.
  • Approach Songbird.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Take the shard from the glass.
  • Join Reed at the bar.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Buy at least €$80,000 worth of casino chips for roulette.
  • Play roulette with the netrunners.
    • Wait until the round is over to join the game.
  • Get through the confrontation with Hansen.
  • Talk to Alex.
  • Leave the Black Sapphire through the lobby.
    • Cash out your winnings. [Optional]
  • Talk to the guards.
  • Follow the guard to the exit.

If you leave the lobby peacefully:

  • Follow Reed.
  • Talk to Reed.

If a fight breaks out in the lobby:

  • Exit the Black Sapphire.
  • Leave the Black Sapphire area.
    • Lose your tail.
  • Talk to Reed.

Associated Shards[]