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"My Mom and Dad? Yeah I know there names but I'm not sure I'd be able to pick them out of a line-up. They're always at work and I'm always cut skunkin' the corporate nannies or doin' the Cut through the Mall with my Yo-bros. Hey I've got my vids my 'bros and my 'board who's cryin'? Parents would just slow me down..."


Youth Gangs, orYoGangs, are a type of Gang in the Cyberpunk Series.


YoGangs are groups of children, often homeless and destitute, who have banded together for survival as a gang. YoGangs are rarely successful as they lack the training and resources that other gangs have. A few manage to make it big, but the best hope for a YoGang is for them to be absorbed into a bigger gang.[1]

Known Yogangs[]



  • ArcoRunners - Tunnel runners and Arcology explorers.
  • BeaverBrats - Dirty tricksters and infiltration experts.
  • BoardPunks - Maximum thrashers and surf guerrillas.
  • EcoRaiders - Green Terrorists and Defenders of nature.
  • FaceDancers - Facechanging actors and identity roleshifters.
  • GlitterKids - Media celebrities and Superstar posers.
  • GoGangers - Bike gangers and speedfreakers.
  • GoldenKids - Super-rich heirs of the Corporate State.
  • Goths - Vampire Posers and Children of the Night.
  • Guardians - Neighborhood defenders and protectors.
  • MallBrats - Mallplex wheelers and blackmarket dealers.
  • MegaViolents - Combat Maniacs and Warrior berserkers.
  • Radicals - Political activists and underground rebels.
  • Squats - Homeless scroungers and urban packrats.
  • StreetFighters - Kung fu fighters and street warriors.
  • TinkerTots - Underground engineers and juvetechs.
  • Tribals - Hi-tech Deadheads and Neo-Native Americans.
  • Vidiots - Guerilla medias and communications experts.


  • Beastieboys
  • NeoPioneers


  • Lookers
  • Taggers


  • Networkers
  • V-Punks


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