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Disambig This article is about the Kusanagi CT-3X. For other variants, see Yaiba Kusanagi.

This Kusanagi's sleek, aerodynamic frame conceals a powerful engine. Superhuman reflexes are recommended for optimal handling.

— Kusanagi CT-3X, Cyberpunk 2077

The Kusanagi CT-3X (Japanese: 草薙) is a motorcycle manufactured by Yaiba in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Database Entry[]

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X


The Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X is the fastest, and unsurprsingly[sic], the most expensive motorcycle, originally built in collaboration with the Arasaka Corporation. Its sleek, aerodynamic frame conceals a wickedly powerful engine. Ideally, anyone riding one should be chipped with reflex boosters to avoid flying into a traffic light at 100MPH when making a sharp turn. The Kusanagi is a favorite among gangers, especially the Tyger Claws.[1]


It can be acquired from the AUTOFIXER netpage for €$66,000.


[The Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X] is one of my best designs for CP77. I am happy with each project for the CP77, but the YAIBA motorcycle was special because it was the first two-wheeler. In this concept, everyone will recognize an Akira motorcycle. The Akira motorcycle is iconic and we wanted to create something equally good, but a little different. I know positive opinions about our motorcycle which proves that we managed to create something great.[2]

The bike made its debut in the E3 2077 gameplay demo. An image and description were later revealed in Famitsu magazine (see Gallery).

The game's official Twitter account also posted an image of the cycle with the caption, "Catching a break with Yaiba Kusanagi..."[3]


  • Despite being called numerous times "the most expensive motorcycle," there are more expensive purchasable motorbikes like the ARCH Nazaré.
  • A black Kusanagi appears on the front the Bushidō 5: Body of Law cover.
  • During the main job Never Fade Away, a Kusanagi is used by Rogue as a getaway vehicle. Considering it's a flashback of Johnny's engram, and that the bike was made decades later, it should not be considered an accurate memory.
  • Prior to Patch 1.5 it cost €$22,000 and reached 189 mph. Before Patch 2.0 it cost €$58,000.
  • Prior to the introduction of AUTOFIXER, Wakako Okada sold the bike via a text message: "V. In your line of work, one must be quick and punctual. Since you seem to struggle with both, I figured you could use a motorcycle. If you can have only one, let it be the best - the Yaiba Kusanagi. I happen to have one for sale. Buy it and you will not regret it."



  • Occasionally, standard Kusanagis will spawn with the Mizuchi or Misfit models.


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