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WorldSat Communications Network, also known as WorldSat CommNet, is a corporation with a monopoly on large scale satellite communications based in Paris, France. It is one of the largest corporations Europe has to offer.


WorldSat has the monopoly on large-scale satellite communications, and is responsible for the transmission of phone, military, computer and commercial data. These communications are crucial worldwide, and their disruption could be disastrous. WorldSat invests a great deal in making sure this does not happen. The satellites are even shielded against electro-magnetic pulse, although no one is really sure how well this will work. Although it is illegal, it is also possible for WorldSat to monitor any of the communications it is transmitting.[1] By 2045, WorldSat continues to retain its international ruling of maintaining direct audio-visual communication across the world.[2]

Equipment and Resources

Dispersed as needed among the offices are

  • 30 AV-4 assault vehicles
  • 12 Osprey II Aircraft
  • 5 Corporate Jets
  • 3 Boeing C-25 Heavy Cargo Jets

Each office also has two helicopters and a surgical infirmary. WorldSat's satellites are crucial to many nation's communications. Consequently, most high-tech military hardware is available to them on short notice. WorldSat has a large, well protected orbital service facility.[1]

Products Line-Up 2020

Type Products
Equipment Office Communications Suite[3], Newsviewer[3], Flopscreen[4], Linear Beam Commlink[4]


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