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With a Little Help from My Friends is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry

The great nomad saga continues: Panam's up to something. That girl just doesn't know when to quit - and my God, I love her for it. You don't seem to know either, considering you wanna go back out there. Maybe you could save us all some time, pitch a tent out in the desert? Think we both know this isn't just about the job anymore.


  • Talk to Panam, Mitch and Saul.
  • Follow Panam and Mitch.
  • Talk to Panam and the veterans.
    • (Optional) Tell Saul about Panam's plan. (Hidden)
    • Wait for a message from Saul.
    • Talk to Panam.
    • Reply to Saul's message.
    • Pick up the car at the Sunset Motel.
  • Get in Panam's car/Wait for the Nomads.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Discuss the plan with the nomads.
  • (Optional) Talk to the nomads.
  • (Optional) Scan the generator.
  • Find the entrance to the control tower.
  • Go up to the control tower.
  • Find a punch card.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Activate the locomotive from the control panel.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Join the nomads at the junction.
  • Talk to the veterans by the campfire.
  • Get in the vehicle.
  • Get in position and wait for the nomads.
  • Follow the train.
    • Shoot at the train car coupler. (Optional)
  • Defeat the Militech escort. (0/12)
  • Get in the vehicle.
  • Escort the trucks to the nomad camp.
  • Meet with Saul.
  • Talk to Panam.