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Wing Chang "Sustenance of the Emperors" is a restaurant featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Wing Chang is the single most expensive restaurant in the city, running $200 per person, flat rate. The entrance is a covered turnabout at the north end of the block, where valets take your car to the parking garage to the north. The restaurant itself is long and rather narrow but each table occupies a separate soundproofed room. The decor is ornate and authentic. It is not at all touristy and very luxurious.

There is no menu; you are simply served a Chinese banquet. But what a banquet! A Seemingly endless variety of authentic Chinese cooking, artfully executed and served in copious quantity. The all-Chinese staff has a knack for knowing exactly how and when to serve things, which is hardly surprising since most of the employees have been doing this all their lives.

Certain corporations have taken out a contract with Wing Chang; for a membership fee (presumably a staggering amount), the corporations top execs can eat there whenever they want. This is a favorite place for the power business luncheon, although the budding young exec must remember the waiting list is about three months long.

Security Level: 2[1]

Wing Chang is situated in Night City's City Center sector of downtown.


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