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William Dolarhyde (Dollar Bill) is a former Army Intelligence officer. During the war he worked closely with the Professor, often coordinating the missions of LRT-601. These days he's a fixer, brokering mercenary missions out of the Forlorn Hope. Known as Dollar Bill to the local crowd, he has a rep as a tough-as-nails bastard and a real hardball player. Some say he has connections in the CIA, KGB and several other international intelligence agencies. It's also said that he will go to great lengths to help a soldier down on his luck. It's also said that he's well connected into the corporations. Nobody is really sure just how far Dollar Bill's influence extends.

Although John Freeman coordinated the purchase of the building and supervised the construction of the bar, Dollar Bill is the man who put up most of the money. It's his name on the deed. He and the Professor share in all of the major executive decisions. Their relationship is something like that of a CEO and a Chairman of the board. Freeman oversees the day-to-day operation of the bar, and in most ways it's his baby, but Dollar Bill has the ultimate say-so. Fortunately, the two of them are good friends, and seldom disagree with each other.

Bill died during the Fourth Corporate War.[1]


INT 10, REF 6, TECH 5, COOL 10, ATTR 9, LUCK 6, MA 7, BODY 7, EMP 6/5, SAVE 7, BTM -2.[2]


Streetdeal 10, Awareness/Notice 5, Forgery 6, Handgun 4, Boxing 5, Melee 2, Pick-lack 4, Intimidate 7, Persuasion and Fast Talk 8, Personal Grooming 4, Wardrobe and Style 6, Streetwise 6, Human Perception 5, Leadership 4, Social 4, Accounting 3, Education and General Knowledge 6, Driving 3, Pilot Vectored Thrust 4.[2]


Basic Processor, Chipware Socket, Interface Plugs, Kiroshi Optishields.[2]


Varies. Very wealthy.[2]


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