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Willard Keaton was born into a family of the mid-west city of Denver. He's a burly, clean-shaven man with a square chin and burly features, Keaton is a high level account executive at Militech.

Extremely bright and very lucky, he entered OCS after his Army basic training. Keaton spent three years in the special operations Cybercav of the US Army, distinguishing himself in special cases around the world (including three cases in the US).

After five years, Militech recruiters baited Willard with account managership, an aspect of the armed forces he was eager to learn about Working first under another higher-placed exec, Willard soon inherited his own juicy accounts, including the management of the Atlanta Police Department, weapons and munitions sales to the Free State of Alaska, and security services for Biotechnica's Las Vegas facilities. Keaton has just been assigned to the OTEC account, his biggest yet This makes him responsible for thousands of troops and nine hundred million Eurodollars in heavy equipment and supplies. The current fracas is sure to test his mettle.

Keaton is cocky, outgoing, and enjoys an active social life. He's notorious for dating one hypermodel after another. Liked by most of his co-workers, but hated by some for his self-assured attitude, Keaton knows the OTEC account is his first step into upper management, possibly right to the executive board. If the situation continues to heat up, Donald Lundee himself will likely personally examine Keaton's performance. Based on his previous success, however, Keaton is certain he cannot fail.[1]


Resources 5, Combat Sense 5, Awareness 7, Human Perception 5, Education 3, Social 2, Persuasion 7, Business Sense 6, Style 2, Grooming 2, Pistol 6 Brawling 6, Melee 6, Rifle 6, Athletics 6, Stealth 5, Leadership 5, Heavy weapons 2, Intimidate 5, Streetwise 4.[1]


Biomonitor, Adrenal Boost, Interface Plugs, Cyberaudio.[1]


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