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Where is My Mind? is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It concludes "The Devil" ending and awards the associated achievement if the requirements are met.


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V has no actual control over manipulating the Rubik's cube. Clicking anywhere will just initiate a pre-scripted movement each time. Complaining at any point of time during the test ordeal of this mission will cause the cube to be unsolvable, and during the final rotation, the cube breaks in half, triggering a jumpscare and revealing "The Devil" tarot card (this is not when The Devil achievement is triggered; see Notes). Not complaining whatsoever (including not throwing the cube away towards the end), will result in V successfully solving the cube and remarking "I did it!", although this has no further effect on the mission.

If the player chooses to throw the cube, V will exclaim that they have had enough of the tests. V will then have the option to vent their frustration by destroying parts of the room.

Both options will then result in V waking up to Anders Hellman (or Takemura he was saved in Search and Destroy). Either one will then offer V to have their engram saved as part of the Secure Your Soul program. The decision does not have different consequences and accepting the offer will result in the same video messages playing during the end credits as declining to return to Earth.

Journal Entry[]

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  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Follow the guard.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Step onto the treadmill.
  • Leave the room.
  • Investigate the noise.
  • (Optional) Call the people close to you.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Follow the doctor's orders.
  • (Optional) Vent your frustration.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Talk to Hellman/Takemura.
  • Make your final decision.


  • In order to unlock the achievement "The Devil" at the very end of this mission (as the scene fades to the end credits), you have to save Goro Takemura's life during Search and Destroy. It will then be him instead of Hellman visiting you in the end, offering the contract. He will personally recommend going through with it, although the decision has no impact on the achievement. If the player complies, Takemura will remark that he thinks they will meet again and to visit him in Kagawa, where he will show V "real food."
  • For the optional objective, the following people close to you can be called:
    • Hanako Arasaka: Will not pick up.
    • Viktor Vektor: Viktor tells V to visit him for a checkup after returning to Earth and adds that Misty is in Warsaw visiting her family. Viktor concludes by saying he is not the right person to talk to and simply urges V to get a grip and make a decision.
    • Panam Palmer (requires Queen of the Highway):
      • Romanced and called at the end of Nocturne Op55N1: Viktor told Panam what happened and she is furious that V did not ask her for help instead. She demands V to come home immediately before Arasaka hurts him.
      • Otherwise: Panam tells V to simply come home, then hangs up as Mitch demands her attention.
    • Judy Álvarez (requires Pyramid Song):
      • Romanced and called at the end of Nocturne Op55N1: Judy is glad the relic was removed but is very distressed by the fact that V trusted Arasaka, adding to not take anything the doctors give them. Admitting that she would not know what to do if she ever found out V was gone, Judy ends with demanding to see V back on Earth "in hours. No - Now!"
      • Otherwise: V only gets a pre-recorded message, in which Judy mentions to maybe call V back when she is done being pissed off.
    • River Ward (requires Following the River):
      • Romanced and called at the end of Nocturne Op55N1: River keeps being distracted by his nephew but asks V to give him the name of the orbital station so he can fly up to get them. V does not know anything about the station and River warns V not to trust Arasaka. He ends the call with "Gonna find you. Hear me?".
      • Otherwise: River picks up but has no time to talk, asking to call back later before hanging up. He will not pick up again.
    • Kerry Eurodyne (requires Boat Drinks):
      • Romanced and called at the end of Nocturne Op55N1: Kerry is happy that V got rid of the relic and tells them to not worry about anything, promising to watch the reruns of Little Big Corporats together. Kerry is worried about V being basically alone up in the station and says "V, you are the best thing this planet's got going for her. So come back down.". Kerry ends the call by saying that he will make a few calls to get V back to Night City.
      • Otherwise: Kerry does not acknowledge V's dire situation, says to just "break the fuck outta there" and hangs up to continue watching the season finale of Little Big Corporats.