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Westbrook is considered by many to be the best place to live and have fun in Night City. If you've got eddies, you come here to spend them. And if you don't? Well, take out a loan and pretend you're on top of the world — even for just one glorious night.

The Westbrook District of Night City is home to many wealthy elites, celebrities, and corporates. It is also home to Japantown, an especially important part of Night City for two reasons. The first being that it's the cultural center for the city's sizable Japanese community. The second is that it is home base for most of the Yakuza families operating throughout Northern California; it's centrally located, has limited police interference, and outsiders tend to stick out like a sore thumb. The Tyger Claws are the dominant gang in the district and are considered its rulers, though only at night, in order to avoid the presence of heavy corporate security.[1]


Westbrook is considered by many to be the best place to live and have fun in all of Night City. It is home to many wealthy elites, celebrities, corporates, and most influential members of society. This was not always the case however. In 2023, after the nuclear bomb set off in the Arasaka Towers, a portion of Westbrook closest to the City Center sustained significant damage, turning skyscrapers into ghostly, crooked skeletons for the next two decades. During the great restoration of Night City, residents saw the many ruins removed and replaced by Asian corporations. The once dangerous Combat Zone, was revived into an exclusive, ultra secure District.[2]

North Oak used to see crime rates that measured higher than any other district, but with the attentive help of mercenaries, order has been well and truly restored. In 2077, North Oak is home to many of Night City's untouchable elite: corporate regional directors, managers, bankers, and executives. Private security forces are present all over, resulting in gangs being non-existent here. Taking a walk through its tree-lined streets at every step, you're met with luxurious cars, private villas, and tennis courts. Nowadays, it is considered the most beautiful neighborhood in all of Night City.[2]

Charter Hill is well-known as the place many aspiring and ambitious corpo that cannot afford to live in North Oak reside. This part of the district is all about mass housing. However living here leads to a lifestyle under constant attack, because of this the wealthy need the work of bodyguards as well as the use of armored vehicles to stay safe. Its the price you need to pay for even just a taste of such luxury.[2]

If you've got the eddies, you come to Japantown. If you don't have enough to spend, well, take out a loan and pretend you're on top of the world. Even if it is just for a short amount of time, it'll be a night you remember. It's chock-full of gaming parlors, street food stands, and capsule hotels. Ain't nowhere quite so enticing. It also lies very close to the City Center.[2]

Database Entry[]



A fair amount of Night Citizens firmly believe that Westbrook is the best district to live in. After all, that's where all the richest and most influential people of Night City live, including the picturesquely situated North Oak - probably the most beautiful neighborhood in the city. Charter Hill has its charm, too - home to ambitious and enterprising corpos who are about halfway up their career ladder. Last but not least, Japantown is widely known as Night City's party district. Yes indeed, Westbrook is where everyone wants to be. But it wasn't always like that. Over fifty years ago, after the nuclear attack on Arasaka in 2023, the part of Westbrook next to City Center sustained serious damage. The bomb's earthquake completely wiped out Japantown's high-rises, leaving behind ghostly, crooked skeletons looming over the district for the next two decades. Charter Hill was inundated with refugees - even North Oak saw ramshackle huts and tents hastily put up on its slopes. Luckily, by the 40s, the great restoration of Night City was already underway - the ruins of megabuildings were removed, replaced by shiny monoliths from predominantly Asian corporations, returning Japantown to its former glory. Charter Hill was also cleaned up and soon saw new homes for corpo employees. The refugee and homeless encampments in North Oak lasted for much longer, remaining a sore sight for the city's authorities. Crime levels there beat the city's records - for a time even soaring above those of the Combat Zone. Eventually the area was brought to order with the help of mercenaries, and shortly after it became the North Oak we know today - the most exclusive and secure area of Night City.[3]


CP2077 Westbrook Map

Map of Westbrook.

Behind the Scenes[]

Westbrook is Night City at its most opulent. Money earned in the city's other districts comes here to be spent. Stylistically, here the Neomilitarism of the City Center gains a veneer of sleek, high-tech Kitsch as it enters Japantown, then is deified into the celestial gardens of the uber-rich atop North Oak. Grime is still present, of course, and gangs and graffiti still abound, but in Westbrook, we catch a glimpse of the carrot dangled in front of the noses of Night City's masses. The message: work hard, and one day, you might own a slice of this—or, as a shortcut, take out a loan and pretend you own it for one glorious night. Never mind that you'll spend the rest of your life paying it off.



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