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For 2077 district, see Westbrook District .

Westbrook is a fortress, built on a naturally occurring set of hills overlooking Night City from across the bay and North Oak below. Many of the Corporate rich live here, and they make sure that nothing disturbs them. An Arasaka services contract makes sure of it. All Westbrook residences have specially coded identity cards, and there at least three check points on the road into the hills, and several surface to air missile sites to make sure all air traffic has the proper access codes.

All traffic is heavily monitored. It is nearly impossible to bypass the security of any one location, and you must go through at least three checkpoints before reaching the living compound. Forget about going overland, Apex systems dot the countryside, and even the walking paths are guarded. The computer system is programmed by security to allow card holders to pass safely by. The cards are keyed to specific bio-monitors, they become useless if separated from the issued holder by a space of more than 10 feet If you drop your card while jogging you'd better be able to run real fast—the guns cut in after a 10 second delay. Needless to say, most residents keep a very dose eye on their cards.

Almost all corporations in Night City are represented in Westbrook; Arasaka, EBM, Petrochem and all the rest. Eran Malour has a home here, as does Isabel Vargas and many other prominent Night City personalities. Admission to Westbrook is only limited in one way, you've got to be able to afford it. In short, only very rich people can afford to live here.

Westbrook is also a very safe place for corporations to place high extraction risk employees. There has only been one extraction attempt in the history of Westbrook, and that left three AV-4's destroyed and 24 Militech soldiers dead. That was the first and last attempted extraction at Westbrook. Many say that this incident was what had started the long running rivalry between the Night City branches of Arasaka and Militech.[1]

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