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Disambig This article is about the sub-district in Cyberpunk 2077. For the location in Cyberpunk 2020, see WestWind Estates.

West Wind Estate is a subdistrict of Pacifica, located in southwestern Night City. An underwater tunnel allows travel to and from the Wellsprings subdistrict in Heywood.


By 2070, around the end of the Unification War, some of the prior investors attempted to restart the Pacifica project. They were not welcomed by the local community, who had taken over the sub-districts and turned them into favelas. Corporate workers tried to clear the construction area of squatters, but were met with great resistance from the Voodoo Boys. Eviction attempts made by the NCPD lead to full-scale riots that lasted weeks. Fearing that clearing the neighborhood would result in a bloodbath, the chief of the NCPD ordered the withdrawal of police units from the area. The City Council shut down all city services in Pacifica to force the Voodoo Boys and locals to leave. From that time onward both the West Wind Estate and Coastview areas slowly turned into a new Combat Zones within Night City.

Neither the NCPD nor the corporations had any power in this area. Gang fights and drug trafficking wre part of the daily routine here, but locals had gotten used to it. Outsiders were not welcomed, and in order to get into Pacifica "safely", either the Voodoo Boys or one of the locals had to give their okay.[1]

Database Entry[]

West Wind Estate


The southernmost part of Pacifica, West Wind Estate is also the district's most neglected region. Cut off from the rest of the city by the Combat Zone and Coastview, the area is weakly held by the Voodoo Boys (you can find them by Las Palapas Motel), while scavengers are a common sight.[2]


CP2077PL Pacifica West Wind Estate Map

Map of West Wind Estate.

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • West Wind Apartments



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