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West Hill Apartments, Artists' Studios, Galleries is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Nestled between the University and the executive-class apartments to the north, this transition neighborhood is home to students, artists, and small businesses of all sorts. Much of the warehouse space is in use as artists' studios and galleries. Small coffee houses and boutiques along the park give this a Greenwich Village atmosphere.

Come here anytime in the weekend to see artists' works displayed along the sidewalk. For several blocks the artists set up their artwork in what amounts to a giant outdoor gallery. Tollare used to paint in a studio here before he was widely known, and even today you can sometimes find other well- known artists such as Harold Pickman and J. T. Harris displaying their work here on the weekends.

This area has had some trouble with the Bozos, a poser gang whose members have undergone plastic surgery and facial tattoos to make themselves look like carbon-copy clowns. They hang around in identical orange fright wigs, dingy polka dot suits and floppy feet, harassing people as they pass by. The Bozos like destructive practical jokes; one of their favorites is pouring a bucket of paint (or blood) on an artist's sidewalk display. Fortunately their garish costumes make them easy to spot in a crowd, giving the artists opportunity to drive them off. Occasionally the Voodoo Boys come up this way for a dose of culture, in which case everybody packs up and leaves the street.

Security Level: 0[1]

West Hill Apartments, Artists' Studios, Galleries is situated in Night City's West Hill sector of downtown.


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