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Wellsprings is a subdistrict of Heywood in Cyberpunk 2077.


Wellsprings is a relativity safe district, on the west side that borders City Center. The buildings here are newer and modern, brought to life during the rebuilding of Night City. However southwest of the district the buildings are smaller and older. These apartments are mid-tier to downright cheap, however Wellsprings manages to keep an overall aura of class. Most of the buildings were built during the second stage of reconstruction.

The eastern part of Wellsprings are the shanty houses, evoking memories from the Rebuilding over 35 years ago. The Valentinos graffiti covers the walls of this area, but they aren't as active in this district.[1]

Database Entry[]



They say Wellsprings is where you can find the average, middle class Night Citizen. They're not entirely wrong. Situated right next to City Center, the buildings are modern-looking, reminiscent of the city's overhaul after the 4th Corporate War. But the further southeast you go, the more the architecture becomes more diminished, older and often neglected. Homes aren't that expensive here - you can even score a 400-something square-foot apartment for a decent price. In other words, Wellsprings is pretty stable until you find yourself in the eastern part of the district, where the houses look like they're about to fall apart and distrusting faces leer at you from broken windows. Valentinos graffiti covers the walls, but as long as you don't get in their way, they couldn't give less of a shit about you. On the other hand, the scavengers to the south... well, let's just say if you've got any ounce of sense in that skull, you won't find yourself there after dark.[2]


CP2077 Heywood Wellsprings Map

Map of Wellsprings.

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Berkeley & Bay
  • Cannery Plaza
  • Corporation St
  • Megabuilding H2
  • Metro: Market St
  • Palms View Plaza
  • Parque del Mar
  • Pumping Station

Behind the scenes[]

Wellsprings' coastal strip is the safest, densest and loudest part of Heywood. This can be thought of as Night City's Venice Beach, a place to be seen for celebrities and the chance to see them for nobodies, where you can dine on cheap scop hot dogs or ridiculously expensive organic seafood. It is chock-full of Kitsch: oversized mascots, over-the-top slogans, anything that will grab your attention. The architecture is laid back, not so much decaying as casual, with the washed-out vibe of a beach town. At the same time, plenty of wealth is on display, be it in the luxury yachts anchored off the promenade or the spacious condos in its high-rise apartment buildings. Head east and things transition fast. Suddenly, you're surrounded by Night City's rarest creature: the middle class. The apartment buildings are of moderate height and adequately nice. There are movie theaters, gas stations, drive-through espresso joints. If it weren't for the AVs and implants, you'd swear you're in a gentrifying early-twenty-first century American city. Keep going, though, and you'll remember where you really are. Wellsprings' east is as rife with unemployment, shanties and gang activity as any of Night City's other impoverished districts.


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