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Welcome aboard! is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077.



Congratulations! You have just joined one of twelve proud CORP-BUD locations!
With your help, we will rebuild what the war left in rubble!
With every bag of cement shipped, with every train car sent out, we are one step closer to reaching our goal!
What's more, we're the only branch location with our own train car wash! That's right - you can even use it to clean your own vehicle!
For your comfort and safety, we offer a complete sports and entertainment package as well as the G-RAPID detox and relaxation program.
NOTE: For your own safety, please wear protective gear at all times while working.
CORP-BUD is not responsible for improper use of workplace equipment or any adverse health effects that may result thereof, including but not limited to blood poisoning, toxic shock or any instances of cyberpsychosis due to overuse of the G-RAPID program.


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