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Weapons are a type of equipment in Cyberpunk 2077.

Weapons are prevalent and come in all kinds of forms:





Weapons availability are based on the class of weapons of the manufacturers, with each manufacturer considered as either lower, middle, or upper tier. The higher the tier the more rare and expensive the weapons are. Each weapon (except utility grenades) also deals at least one of 4 damage types: Chemical, Electrical, Physical and Thermal Damage. Enemies can also be incapacitated instead of killed by non-lethal weapons, though lethal weapons have this ability as well if they don't damage enemy weakpoints or are equipped with a PAX modification.


Guns are classified as either power, smart, and tech, while melee weapons are classified as either blade or blunt.


Power weapons are conventional guns in the sense that they use traditional ammo, calibers and cartridges. This category includes a wide variety of weapons including disposable and single-use polymer guns, revolvers, pistols, SMGs, machine guns, shotguns and rifles. High rate of fire accompanied by high recoil is a feature of most fully automatic power weapons.

Bullets from Power weapons have a chance to ricochet off of hard surfaces. This chance can be improved by using a Ballistic Coprocessor or wielding Kongou. The ricochet travel line can be made visible with the Kiroshi Optics mod Trajectory Generator. Most Power weapons have a muzzle slot to fit a suppressor and a scope slot for custom sights. Perks specifically applying to Power weapons and their ricochet ability are; In Perspective, Play the Angles.


Smart weapons use gyrojet technology to fire caseless guided ammo at enemies. This technology was first developed in the 1960s, but was unreliable during combat. In 2077, they are efficient and pin point accurate. Smart weapons are tied to weapon grips and optics to accurately scan and track the movement of targets.[1]

Smart weapons aim for you by using smart rounds that lock on and seek to their targets. All that is required is to position the gun so that its tracking box is on the enemy and then press the trigger. Smart bullets can curve around obstacles to hit their target, but travel slower than non-smart bullets. The Smart Link cyberware is required to enable smart-targeting and better quality Smart Links will improve the tracking ability of the gun, because hits are not guaranteed. Additionally, members of the Tyger Claws gang use a dermal imprint that jams the smart-targeting ability, reducing their chance to hit. Smart weapons do not accept either suppressors or scopes. Perks specifically applying to Smart weapons and their target-tracking ability are; Lock and Load.


Tech weapons are weapons that use rail gun technology, firing projectiles that are propelled with an electromagnetic charge. What they give up in terms of rate of fire, they make up for in penetration effects depending on how long the charge is held for. These weapons use caseless ammunition, typically jacketed steel flechette.

Tech weapons can be charged to fire a bullet capable of penetrating obstacles. Apparently there's no obstacle that can stop a charged shot. The RT-46 Burya and the Malorian Arms 3516 only fire charged shots and you can't hold the shoot button to charge the shot. Tech weapons cannot be fitted with a suppressor, but most of them accept a custom sight. Perks specifically applying to Tech weapons and their charging ability are; Up to 11, Lightning Bolt, Tesla, Übercharge, Gun Whisperer, Fuck all Walls, Lickety Split, Superconductor.


Weapons come in five different rarities, which determine the number of mod slots the weapon has (common having none and legendary having the most).

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


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  • Unlike all other rarities, legendary weapons will never spawn as random loot, and can only be acquired at specific locations and only after reaching a certain level.
    • If certain locations which normally yield a legendary weapon are cleared at a lower level, the player will permanently lose out on being able to obtain a legendary weapon from that source.



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