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And do you know what a fixer does? Allow me to explain. Not only do I finalize transactions. I can accomplish the goddamn impossible. [...] Makin' sure the buyer, supplier, and ever-neglected intermediary not only keep their heads in their games but keep their heads. Period. So don't you ever ask me who, with whom, where, when, why or how.

 — Wakako Okada to V during Disasterpiece, Cyberpunk 2077

Wakako Okada (Japanese: 岡田 和歌子) is the top fixer of the Westbrook district in Night City. She can be found at her own office in Japantown.


Early life - 2045[]

Wakako Okada was born in the Kansai region of Japan. At some point later, she travelled to Night City where she pursued medicine at the Night City University. It was here she would meet her first husband, Hiroto Miyamoto. After the Fourth Corporate War, she found herself working for Kiroshi as a Medtech. Wakako balanced her work with her family life, including helping her husband's childhood friend, Hayato Nakagawa. When the romantic relationship between Ryoko Fujiwara and Hayato was called off by the formers family, Wakako and her husband acted as liaisons for the two lovers.

One time, Hayato became embroiled in a dispute over his family's inheritance, thus, his enemies saw fit to target his friends. Wakako and her family were attacked, with Wakako being the only one who survived. After Hayato Nakagawa took control over the Tyger Claws, he began to provide for Wakako, inadvertently making her a member.

Ever since joining the Tyger Claws, Wakako became a confidant of Ryoko Fujiwara. Ryoko wanted Wakako to quit her job at Kiroshi and come work for the Nakagawa Foundation full-time as her right hand, but Wakako declined the offer.[2]

2045 - 2077[]

At an unspecified time, Wakako became a fixer. She rose to become a very well known fixer in Night City, gaining the nickname of "lady of Westbrook estate."[3]

In 2076, Wakako gave a gig to David Martinez and his mercenary crew. The mission was to infiltrate Totentanz and rescue Isabella Morgan from Maelstrom. At her request, a very young merc called Julio joined them. Although the job was a success, Julio got himself killed after activating an explosive trap.[4]

By 2077, Wakako ran a pachinko parlor out of Jig-Jig Street, Japantown. She has had five husbands over her long life, outliving them all, as well as nine sons who were all high-ranking members of the Tyger Claws, but she kept them strictly in line to ensure that they were never be the target of a gig picked up by another fixer. Despite her close ties to the gang, she took a coldly pragmatic view when its members were assassinated by mercenaries, believing that only the stupid and greedy would fall to such an ignominious fate.[3]

At some point in her life, Wakako lost her grandchild to Arasaka,[1] and has since disdained the corporation.[5]

Database Entry[]

Wakako Okada

If you're looking for decent-paying gigs in Westbrook, go to the pachinko parlor on Jig-Jig Street run by a fixer named Wakako Okada. Rumors abound, but as of yet nobody's worked up the nerve to ask her about her past and her very many, very dead husbands. She didn't kill any of them, probably, but hey, what's important is that they're gone and she's still going strong, growing richer and more powerful by the day. Every serious player in Night City respects Wakako. Going into a meeting with her is like getting into a cage with a lioness. Sure, the lioness is polite, but you can tell she's already thinking about her next snack. Maybe that's why Wakako's gigs are carried out almost immediately and flawlessly. Wakako takes this entirely for granted.[3]

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  • Wakako's given name contains the Go-on'yomi readings for "peace, harmony" (和 wa), "song, poetry" (歌 ka), and the common feminine suffix "child" (子 ko). Her surname has the Kunyomi reading for "hill, ridge" (岡 oka), and the rendaku pronunciation of "rice field/paddy" (田 da).



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