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Demand's always high. Was just a matter of tweaking the supply, if you get my drift.

— Mr. Hands, Cyberpunk 2077

Wade Bleecker, better known as Mr. Hands, is a fixer covering business in the areas of Pacifica in Night City.


Early Life[]

Wade Bleecker worked as a well-known high ranking corporate at Petrochem. He was very successful in his career until a sudden shake-up in upper management, in which Bleecker was chosen to be sacrificed for the corporation. He managed to survive the assassination attempt, but after a bounty was put on his head, Wade was forced to disappear.[4]

Wade eventually changed his face and name as he became to be known as Mr. Hands, the only prominent fixer in Pacifica.[4] His reputation grew as Night City's most secretive fixer, with no known base of operations or any idea of what he actually looked like; the only image of him people would see were his hands over holocalls. The only way any mercenary could get through to him was over a call, never meeting in person; this is how he preferred to do business, with little interaction with anyone.


In 2077, Mr. Hands temporarily relocated to the Heavy Hearts club in Dogtown.[5]

At some point that same year, Mr. Hands was contacted by a merc named V who had been looking for information on how to meet with the Voodoo Boys. He explained that they'd have to go through Maman Brigitte, however, that it was nearly impossible to meet with them. After a short discussion, Mr. Hands promised he would try to arrange some contacts to get V what they wanted. A few days after, he had some progress with the Voodoo Boys, who could use a merc to infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall. Hands soon called V to tell them the news and that they'd have to meet with someone first before seeing Maman Brigitte.[6]

Phantom Liberty[]

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Mr. Hands found out about V's infiltration into Dogtown, promptly calling the merc to state his surprise as how they had sneaked their way into the combat zone. Considering the new opportunities presented, Hands welcomed V into the district with a few gifts. First, Mr. Hands registered the merc so they could freely access and leave Dogtown at will via the western gate. He also rewarded them with a Makigai Tanishi T400 to travel around the walled-off district, as well as giving them access to a few new gigs.[7] V eventually met the fixer in person, something not many had had the chance to achieve. He opened up about his shadow politics-minded ambitions about Dogtown and the rest of Pacifica.[2]

Mr. Hands attended Kurt Hansen's party at the Black Sapphire.[8]

After Kurt's death, Hands took the opportunity to install an unaware puppet — Chester Bennett — as the new Colonel of Dogtown. He hired V to make sure this succeeded, and depending on the merc's actions, it could be either dutifully executed or (potentially accidentally) thwarted, with Jago Szabó becoming the Colonel. If the later happened, although Mr. Hands was infuriated at first by losing his puppet's position, Jago proved to be a better ally than he initially thought.[9]

Database Entry[]


When he was still Wade Bleecker the Petrochem employee, practically everyone knew him. Since scrubbing his identity from existence and adopting the persona of Mr. Hands, Pacifica's resident fixer, that's no longer the case. His appearance and true identity are a closely guarded secret.

In his previous life, Wade climbed fairly high up the Petrochem corporate ladder. But after a sudden shake-up in upper management, someone decided blood needed spilling at the altar of corporate efficiency. Unfortunately for Bleecker, he was chosen as its unfortunate sacrificial lamb. He proved cunning enough to survive the initial assassination attempt, but when an official bounty was put on his head, he had no choice but to change his name and face and disappear for good.

Mr. Hands is a businessman through and through - cool-headed, calculating and supremely focused on his objective. Precisely what that objective is, however, remains a mystery to all but Mr. Hands himself.[4]

Associated Quests[]

Main Jobs[]

Side Jobs[]


Tier 1:

Tier 2: This tier will be unlocked during Lucretia My Reflection.

Tier 3: This tier will be unlocked during Get It Together.

Tier 4: This tier will be unlocked upon returning to Dogtown some time after finishing Firestarter.



Type Items
Cyberware Cyberhands, EMP Threading
Clothing Avante suit
Weapons Constitutional Arms Unity[8]
Vehicles Quadra Sport R-7 "Sterling" (formerly)


  • At the end of the first face-to-face conversation between V and Mr. Hands, he can be seen picking up the novel "The Chessmen of Mars" by Edgar Rice Borroughs.
  • In his Phantom Liberty redesign, Hands has golden teeth.
  • As a result of light strobe glitches, it is sometimes possible to see the face of Mr. Hands in the holo call.
  • Before meeting him, Hands' Database Entry image will showcase the one prior to Phantom Liberty. During Get It Together it will be updated.