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Voodoo Treasure is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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This quest is unlocked by hearing the full conversation between Aurore and Aymeric Cassel during I've Seen That Face Before. Once the time comes for V to hack into Aurore to get her codes, the option to download a file called "Blind_n_Dead" will appear, which will give the code "941229".

Go to the marked area by The Needle, and look for a teal and grey machine with a keypad on it. Enter the code "941229", which will open a small door with a duffel bag, where players can find the Rook handgun, a text log, and €$ 8,000.

Note that players can access the cache beforehand by entering the code at the keypad, skipping this quest entirely.

Journal Entry[]

Well, well! That eavesdroppin' yielded more than just a satisfied curiosity. A little info for the FIA, a little bonus for V...
Better make for the Needle and pocket Slider's secret stash o' cash. He sure ain't gonna miss it.


  • Find Slider's stash beneath the Needle and open it with the code 941229.

Associated Shards[]