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The Voodoo Boys were one of the many gangs in Night City in the Cyberpunk universe. They are not related to the 2070s gang other than in name.



In the 2000s, the Voodoo Boys started as a terrorist gang of drug dealers. They were engaged in weird magic rituals, and deal non-synthetic drugs to students near Night City University. Sadistic and pitiless, they would kill, torture, and rape for any or no reason at all. Victims would sometimes be warned with chicken blood and feathers on their doorstep. Their motives and practices were inconstant. Mutilating and maiming victims was common, as was dissecting their body parts for rituals or to inspire terror.

Their nihilism and drug use was attractive to some university students. These students were sometimes let into the gang, but they were never considered real members. The gang exploited them as cannon fodder for low-level crimes, or milked them for funds from their families.

No outsider ever successfully infiltrated the gang. They had no fixed headquarters or crash pads. The location and time for the next meeting was chosen at the end of each meeting. At least two high-profile Medias died while trying to cover the gang for a news story. They were considered a priority, violent and dangerous, for the NCPD. The terror they inspired was successful in keeping local merchants quiet and uncooperative with the police.

They were most often found at Hababas, an ex-biker bar. This was where most of their drugs were dealt. Despite the biosculpting, tattoos, feather implants, and bones through their noses and ears, most members of the gang started as average White boys. Most were male, though female members existed as well. The females were often much worse, as they had twice as much to prove as the males.[1]


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Notable Members[]

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