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The Voodoo Boys are one of the many gangs in Night City in Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Details Edit

This is a terrorist gang of drug dealers. They engage in weird magic rituals, and deal non-synthetic drugs to students near the University. Sadistic and pitiless, they will kill, torture, and rape for any reason or no reason at all. Victims will sometimes be warned with Chicken blood and feathers on their doorstep. Or not. Their motives and practices have no consistency. Mutilating and maiming victims is common, as is dissecting their body parts for rituals or to inspire terror.  

Their nihilism and drug use is attractive to some university students. They are sometimes let into the gang, but they are never considered real members. The gang exploits them as cannon fodder for low level crimes, or milks them for funds from their family at home.  

No outsider has ever successfully infiltrated the gang. They have no fixed headquarters or crash pads. The location and time for the next meeting is chosen at the end of each meeting. At least two high profile Medias have died while trying to cover this gang. They are considered a priority for the NCPD, violent and dangerous. The terror they inspire has been successful in keeping the local merchants quiet and uncooperative with the police.  

They can most often be found at Hababas, an ex-biker bar. They have a perverse celebrity there, and implied threats of violence keep the owners and other patrons in line. This is also where most of their drugs are dealt. If you're a white middle class student who manages to make it through the jeering harassment to the bar, you can expect to receive better prices. But leave your girlfriend at home.  

Despite the biosculpting, tattoos, feather implants, and bones through their noses and ears, most members of the gang started as average white boys. Most are male, though female members exist as well. The females are often much worse, as they have twice as much to prove as the males.  

Right now, they have no conflicts with any other gangs. There is some speculation that the Bozos could expand their turf into the University area however, which would bring the two gangs into conflict.[1]  

Colors Edit

A bone through the septum of the nose, black chicken feathers.[1]

Tag Edit

Exceptionally crude. Usually a chicken being decapitated or crude human figure being cut with large blade with much blood, with VOODOO BOYS or VOODOO BOYZ. Some people claim that there is a rudimentary Voodoo Boys code among the load of grafitti covering the walls of businesses around the University and that this is why the authorities make such an effort to keep the walls clean.[1]

Average Stats Edit

5 7 4 6 4 6 6 6 4
SKILLS: Melee Weapon 7, Handgun 4, Brawling 6, Intimidate 8, Human Perception 5, Persuasion 7, Dodge 5, Stealth 7.[1]

Cyberware Edit

Usually low-level modifications, cyberaudio, etc.[1]

Cyberpunk 2077 Edit

The Voodoo Boys, an enigmatic gang from Pacifica, aren’t just netrunners devoted to uncovering the secrets of the Old Net and behind the Blackwall. They're also edgerunners: breaking every rule there is to break, and programming viruses that can freeze neural networks.[2]

In contrast to their previous iteration, the Voodoo Boys appear to be a Haitian gang that is heavily involved with the large Haitian community in Pacifica that settled the district in the 2060s, after a natural disaster decimated their home country.

They are led by Brigitte and her second in-command, Placide. They have formed a rivalry with a Boostergang known as the Animals.

Notable Members Edit

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