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Any idea how many attacks from behind the Blackwall we neutralised? If the Voodoo Boys breach the Blackwall, we'll all be fucked.

Bryce Mosley, NetWatch Agent, Cyberpunk 2077

The Voodoo Boys are one of the many gangs in Night City in the Cyberpunk universe. They are unrelated to the 2020s gang of the same name.


2060s - 2070s[]

What in the 2070s was known as the Voodoo Boys originate from Haiti.

In 2062, climate change wiped Haiti off the face of the earth. Many refugees moved to Night City to work in the construction project of turning Pacifica into a resort city. A project that eventually collapsed. The Haitians remained there and were labeled as Voodoo Boys by the locals, who thought the Haitians had some resemblance to the defunct gang.[1][2] The new Voodoo Boys became the self-appointed guardians of Haitian refugees' interests and safety in the Pacifica. They also began probing the Blackwall in hope of making contact with rogue AIs beyond the barrier.

Although known by outsiders as the Voodoo Boys, the real name they use for the gang is unknown.[3]


By 2077, the Voodoo Boys had become an enigmatic gang from Pacifica, made up of Netrunners devoted to uncovering the secrets of the Old Net and what was behind the Blackwall. They were also Edgerunners: breaking every rule there was to break, and programming viruses that could freeze neural networks.[4]

The Voodoo Boys appeared to outsiders as an exclusively Haitian gang, heavily involved with the larger Haitian community in Pacifica, which had continued to grow since the arrival of refugees fleeing the natural disasters that destroyed their country in the 2060s. The gang was led by Brigitte and her second-in-command, Placide, and had formed a rivalry with a Boostergang known as the Animals.

There was also a schism between Brigitte and Wilky LaGuerre, with the later moving into Dogtown with his people. This fragmentation was based on the fact that Brigitte wanted to pierce through the Blackwall, while Slider considered it a very dangerous thing to do.[5]

Depending on the actions chosen during I Walk the Line and Transmission, the Voodoo Boys in Pacifica can either be wiped out, or would have traveled beyond the Blackwall with the aid of Alt Cunningham, disappearing from public view.[6]


A mysterious gang from Pacifica with a dark reputation for their netrunning skills and their mystical voodoo flavor. Presumed to be entirely consist of members with Haitian blood, the Voodoo Boys are are exclusive, secretive, and distrustful of outsiders. The gang was originally comprised of voodoo priests and priestesses, the prominent caste in the Creole culture of the Haitian diaspora. In 2062, climate change wiped Haiti off the face of the earth and initiated a new chapter of the Voodoo Boys' history. The gang became the self-appointed guardians of Haitian refugees' interests and safety in the Pacifica combat zone.

Most Voodoo Boys are Netrunners, so cooling suits and neural implants are common elements of a member's outfit complemented with "voodoo-flavored" elements like dreadlocks, tattoos, and the bones and skulls of small birds and rodents worn as charms. Cyberware used by the gang include cyberdecks and neural links.[7]

Philosophy and Structure[]

For them, Pacifica's just Haiti 2.0. Their own island, cut off from the rest of the city.


Due to the homogenous nature of the Creole diaspora in the Pacifica, coupled with the lack of police forces in the district, it is difficult to determine the Voodoo Boys' numbers, structure, or even goals. It is widely known that the gang is determined to uncover the secrets of the Old Net, and it's commonly believed that they probe the Blackwall in hope of making contact the rogue intelligent systems beyond the barrier. These attempts have drawn the attention and enmity of NetWatch, who are interested tracking and dispatching rogue netrunners and self aware ISs.

Source of Income[]

The gang's primary source of income involves hacking databanks and accounts within various corporations in search of restricted and top-secret data. They persistently violate NetWatch laws and regulations, especially in regard to contact with ISs. The Voodoo Boys also hire themselves out as mercenary netrunners for private contractors who are interested in hit-and-run netrunning operations or exploring any ruined parts of the Old Net.

Other sources of income are hard to verify, but theft of virtual currency and information brokering are probably among them.[7]

Database Entry (2077)[]

Voodoo Boys


A mysterious gang of netrunners based in Pacifica. The Voodoo Boys uphold the district's independence and act as the leaders of the area's predominantly Haitian community. Ominous rumors circulate about the gang – those who know the most about them are netrunners from Night City (at the very least they can recognize a Voodoo Boys virus when it hits their system) and NetWatch agents, who for years have been trying to eliminate them – unsuccessfully, of course.[8]

Notable Members[]

Main article: Voodoo Boys Members

Behind the scenes[]

When investors abandoned the Pacifica redevelopment project, the predominantly Haitian workers they had brought in to construct it defiantly remained, turning the half-built hotels and spas into their new home. The collective known as the Voodoo Boys emerged as the community's leaders. They earned this role through their fierce resistance to attempts at eviction and their fervent devotion to their own interpretation of Haitian culture and religion. In the latter, they have replaced old notions of heaven and the supernatural with the Net's promise of eternal life and all-knowing AIs; their vodou priests are elite netrunners, masters of the digital realm able to probe its darkest secrets and wreak havoc on enemies. Though surrounded by this quasi-mystic aura and mostly absorbed in their long-term passion projects on the Net, Voodoo Boys still need to eat. So much of their day-to-day business looks like that of other gangs: carrying out hits (usually based around hacking and netrunning) for cash and enforcing sovereignty on their turf with machetes and other implements of physical violence. They do, however, have an aversion to firearms, preferring instead needles wielded by "shadows," skilled assassins with hologram skulls on their faces.




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