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Vista Del Rey is a subdistrict of Heywood in Cyberpunk 2077.


Vista del Rey is the poorest district of Heywood, and is dramatically afflicted with poverty and violence. Gangs overrun this part of the district of Heywood. The streets are definitely less crowded than the rest. Graffiti covers the walls of crumbling buildings, clearly indicating the Valentinos are in charge here. That being said the 6th Street also holds territory here as well. Megabuildings and apartment blocks look run-down and neglected.

Vista del Rey neighbors Corporate Plaza and North Oak, both of which are under corporate control, and a dying district filled with poor folks and gangers must be very irritating for the corporate next door. The corporations would most likely try to take this area by force if they weren't afraid of the bad PR that the pacification of an entire district would cost them. Despite how poor it might be, Vista Del Rey is far from a combat zone.[1]


During the Time of the Red a number of the people in Santo Domingo grew, and spread to the older Japantown and Little China areas, creating Vista del Rey in the process.[2]

Database Entry[]

Vista Del Rey


There's no need to sugarcoat it - Vista Del Rey is the worst part of Heywood, eaten alive by poverty and oppression. Gangs are the neighborhood's undisputed rulers - though the streets they rule over are often deserted. Fugitives or suspicious types hide in the shadows of megabuildings that've seen much better days - now their run-down exteriors seem to scorn you as you pass them. It's no wonder then that Vista is a thorn in the side of the powers-that-be in neighboring districts like Corpo Plaza and North Oak. Corporate executives would happily forget about the squalor of Heywood if it weren't literally right on their doorstep. Every once in a while rumors circulate that the city's authorities could take over and "clean up" Vista Del Rey, but who'll actually step up to the task?[3]


CP2077 Heywood Vista Del Rey Map

Map of Vista Del Rey.

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • College St
  • Delamain HQ
  • Metro: Congress & MLK
  • Republic & Vine
  • Shooting Range
  • Skyline East

Behind the scenes[]

The Glen is Night City's government district, home to and owned by City Hall. A quick glance at the illustration of this seat of municipal authority compared to those of corporate headquarters should tell you what you need to know about the relative distribution of wealth and power. Then-City Councilman Lucius Rhyne's deal with Arasaka in 2070 gave Night City its independence from the countries around it, but at the price of ceding much control of the city itself to corporations, Arasaka first and foremost. The transfer of power was physically reflected in the rebuilding of Corporate Plaza, which forced City Hall out of the center and into this less than prime piece of real estate. Its northern edge, that closest to City Center, verges on tolerable and even attractive. A peaceful park borders a row of elegant skyscrapers, and behind them, City Hall itself. Heading south, however, the Glen quickly becomes impoverished and crime-ridden. It merges into Vista del Rey, where the Valentinos are the true rulers of gritty, though colorful, streets. For the adventurous, or just those with few choices, there is still fun to be had, but overall life is nasty, grim and short.


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