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Violence is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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A short time after completing Search and Destroy, V receives a text message from an unknown caller seeking their help. They are told to meet at the No-Tell Motel.

Inside the motel room, V finds a woman in shining chrome with her back to them. Once she starts talking, V learns that she is Lizzy Wizzy, the renowned celebrity musician. She'll eventually reveal that she suspects that her manager and new boyfriend, Liam Northom, is cheating on her. Given her privacy concerns and highly public profile, she wants V to discreetly investigate the matter at the Riot nightclub, which Liam frequents.

V can only enter the club after 8pm. There are several different ways to enter:

  • The front door, guarded by a bouncer (requires Body to intimidate the bouncer or sufficient Street Cred)
  • The fire escape in the alley to the left of the building. An employee badge can be found on the desk inside
  • The door to the security room just inside the garage on the right side of the building (requires Intelligence to hack the keypad). An employee badge can also be found on the desk with the computer
  • The garage door, to the right of the security room door inside the garage (requires Body to lift the metal shutters)

You don't need to find Liam; instead, you need to find a computer with surveillance feeds. To do so, if you got the employee badge, go to the door opposite the male bartender and follow the marker to the elevator and head down to street level. You can also reach the computer directly by hacking the door to the security room from the exterior garage (see above). Use the computer to access the surveillance cameras to find Liam talking with a woman in the VIP lounge. However, you quickly learn it's not actually a romantic affair: Liam is with an Arasaka corpo woman, discussing a plot regarding Lizzy. After you listen to the full conversation, Johnny Silverhand will appear briefly. Interact with the computer again to obtain the video footage. You can call Lizzy at this point to complete the mission, or you can optionally confront Liam.

Liam is found in the VIP lounge on the third floor. V can try to look around for Liam yourself or talk to the male bartender on the second floor, who will reveal the information with either a bribe of 2,000€$ or threats (requires Body). V can access the VIP lounge from a second elevator in the security room by using one of the employee badges noted above.

If V decides to confront Liam, he will demand to know why they are there. If V claims they went to the wrong room, it will result in him demanding that V leaves; if V takes too long, the security guards will become hostile and V won't be able to interact with Liam again.

If V threatens to expose Liam's misdeeds, V can extort him for a very substantial payout (30,000 €$) in exchange for the promise of not telling anyone what he's been up to.

Now all that remains is to call Lizzy to finish the quest. Even if V promised Liam that they wouldn't tell their employer what happened, V can still tell her the truth.

Tell Lizzy it was just an affair:

This ends the job. Lizzy is somewhat satisfied with V's work, even though they don't have proof of the affair. Within an hour or so, Lizzy will send a 1,900 €$ payment as thanks. Part 2 will not trigger if V tells Lizzy that Liam was having an affair, even if they downloaded the security footage.

Tell Lizzy about the secret plot:

This temporarily ends the job. Lizzy is distraught and abruptly hangs up. Within an hour or two, Lizzy sends a 2,800 €$ payment as thanks. If V overheard Liam's conversation and captured the security footage, Part 2 of this job will trigger within a few days.

Part 2[]

If V has told Lizzy the truth, she will call them several days later and ask to meet again at the No-Tell Motel. When V returns, they see that Liam is lying dead on the floor, with Lizzy standing over him. She explains that she pushed him and without realizing the strength of her chrome arms. If V scans Liam, they can note to Lizzy that she strangled him. After some dialogue, she will panic briefly about the possibility of the media finding out before considering her audience's titillating reaction. Eventually, she will ask V to dispose of the body.

Refuse to dispose of Liam's body:

V refuses, telling Lizzy that something isn't right. Lizzy says, "On the contrary, everything is falling into place. Go, V. And shut the door." If you agreed to dispose of the body, take it, then leave the room and turn left. Place the body in the garbage chute at the end of the hall to successfully complete the mission.
Afterwards, Lizzy will send eddies and a messaging of thanks. A few days later, Lizzy will send another message saying that their "adventure" was very inspirational and she put out her new BD thanks to V.

Agree to dispose of Liam's body:

V says they'll take care of the body and tell Lizzy to sleep soundly. Lizzy responds that she doesn't need to sleep, then thanks Liam's body for a beautiful gift. V asks what she's talking about, but Lizzy dismisses V, telling them to go and take the body.

Journal Entry[]

Unknown number, anonymous client, a secret hotel meet-up... The aura of mystery 'round this one's so thick I need a machete to hack my way through it. Wonder what'll happen next... and what that means for you.


  • Meet with the mysterious client at No-Tell Motel.
  • Talk to the client.
  • Sit down.
  • Talk to the client.
  • Go to Riot in the evening and ask for Liam.
  • Find proof of Liam's betrayal.
  • Ask about Liam. [Optional]
  • Go to the VIP area.
  • Confront Liam. [Optional]
    • Leave the VIP area.
    • If you fail to confront Liam and do not leave the area.
      • Escape the VIP area.
  • If you choose to use the cameras:
    • Check the security computer.
    • Check the cameras linked to the computer.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • If you listen while standing close:
    • Break into Riot's security room.
  • Steal the club's surveillance data.
  • Call Lizzy.
  • If told the truth:
    • Answer Lizzy.
    • Go to the motel room.


  • Completing this quest will award the player with a Lizzy Wizzy poster memorabilia for V's Apartment.
  • If V spends too long before going to Riot, the job will become unavailable for a week, as Lizzy will say that Liam is out of town. However if they wait a week, Lizzy will text them and lets them know that Liam is in town and at the club again.
    • The quest will also become temporarily unavailable when Rebel! Rebel! is started.
  • If V asks the bouncer about Liam Northom and then try to intimidate him, he will revoke your access
  • If V directly confront Liam in the club before calling Lizzy, the following conversation implies that Arasaka is involved in his plot to get Lizzy's personality copied.
  • If V tries to confront Liam before listening in on his conversation, V will assume that Liam was just cheating with the woman and lock out Part 2 of this quest.
  • It is possible to get Liam and Asa (the Arasaka agent) killed in the VIP section, before calling Lizzy: You can go up to the VIP balcony to confront Liam and Asa. If you simply tell Liam you "had the wrong room", he will demand you leave immediately, else he will call for security. After threatening a couple more times, Liam calls security, and the two Animals guards at the other end of the balcony will begin firing on you. If you position yourself behind Liam and Asa, they will take friendly fire, and eventually they will die. If Liam is killed in this way, your quest will not progress past the phone call with Lizzy, since Liam is dead.

Phantom Liberty[]

  • If V refused to dispose of Liam's body, Lizzy will ignore V during You Know My Name.
  • If V disposed of Liam's body, Lizzy will talk with V during You Know My Name and leave her Amikiri Sound Cutter behind for them to acquire.


  • The title of the job comes from the Grimes and i_o song, Violence.