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Disambig This article is about the Cortes V5000 Valor. For other variants, see Villefort Cortes.

The car's formidable engine accelerates in a flash, while it's reinforced body (created in partnership with Militech) ensures a greater sense of safety and security on the road.

— Cortes V5000 Valor, Cyberpunk 2077

The Cortes V5000 Valor is a vehicle manufactured by Villefort in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Cortes is Villefort's flagship vehicle, popular among corporates, gangsters and civilians alike. It is one of the most widely used cars in Night City.

Companies like Delamain Corporation or the NCPD have collaborated with Villefort to manufacture their own specific versions, mostly prepared for combat situations, including bulletproof glass, and more resistant materials.[1]

Database Entry[]

Villefort Cortes V5000 Valor (2040)


Probably the most valued of all vehicles to roll out of Villefort factories. The Cortes sports a simple yet elegant design which has attracted corpos, politicians and criminals alike. It is built on the same frame as the Alvarado but operates on only two axles, making it more prone to full breakdowns. Its impressive engine gives the Cortes a quick push off the line, and its reinforced body (created in collaboration with Militech) provides additional protection on Night City's unpredictable and dangerous streets.[1]


It can be acquired from the AUTOFIXER netpage for €$28,000.


  • Prior to Patch 1.5 it cost €$37,000.
  • Prior to the introduction of AUTOFIXER, Sebastian Ibarra sold the car via a text message: "Listen, V. I have a Cortes for sale. It once belonged to some trust-fund kid who got it for his birthday, except instead of driving it around he preferred to stay hooked up to porn BDs all day. Eventually the family disowned him, he sold the car, and now here we are. So, you interested? Take a look and give me your answer soon."



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