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Villa Eurodyne is an estate located on the cliffs of North Oak in Westbrook — the centerpiece of which is the sleek-lined contemporary building. It is the residence of one of Night City's most prominent musician artists, Kerry Eurodyne.


Eurodyne's personal security consists of several security bots, each one of which has been decorated by numerous scribbles, signatures and a hat.

The terminals found in the villa contain various information related to Kerry's life, depending on which part of his quest you are on, among which would be unfinished songs, arguments with his manager L. B. Kovachek, persuasion of Ariel Velasco to move in under false pretenses, and emails from Kerry's ex-wife Louise Nordin Eurodyne, discussing the effects of expensive presents on their children, Ted and Kim.

The nearest fast travel point is "Kerry Eurodyne's Residence". It is an unlockable apartment for V.[1]

Database Entry[]

Villa Eurodyne


Located in the up-scale North Oak, Kerry Eurodyne's villa is a shining example of what money can buy you in Night City when you have more than you can spend. Kerry's estate is ultra-modern, designer-built, comfortably furnished... and eerily empty. No doubt, there are rooms that have the rockerboy's rebellious spirit on full display - a wall of vintage guitars or his famous portrait taken by Kristina Lundmark, for example - but the rest feel barren, as if Kerry hasn't even explored it yet. If the Kerry Eurodyne of 2020 could've seen this place, he'd probably think: "Let's get wild and tear this place to pieces." The Kerry of 2077 invests in security bots in the garden and practices yoga on the patio every morning.[2]

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