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Victor Crowe was one of the lucky ones. His childhood was wealth and security, in a place where black-clad, gun-toting guards offered salutes on well manicured landscapes. He went to company schools and became an employee of IEC after graduation—a life nothing short of pampered drudgery. From childhood, he had learned the rules of the game, and quickly carved his own niche in corporate society. At the customary parties, he was the model executive child; then he snuck off like everybody else to screw and do synthcoke all night.

Victor never liked cyberware. He never saw the point to altering yourself, never found any appeal in becoming metal. But he knew there was money to be made as he watched the sales ledgers grow exponentially, fattened by fools who couldn't do without their precious cybernetics.

Then he met Dana, the daughter of the marketing VP, at a party. She had forgotten her pills, and Victor had all kinds of chemicals to keep her happy. They immediately hit it off. They also shared the same philosophy when it came to cyberware. The pair began their own little venture, making top-grade metal "disappear" from warehouses, skimming off the top, and raking in a small fortune. Mom and Dad would have been proud.

Until the day Internal Investigations came around, and Mom and Dad were demoted to minor clerical positions. In a blind panic, Victor swapped some names, juggled some numbers, burned a few documents, and in the space of an hour, neatly dumped the whole blame in Dana's lap. Dana's father was removed from his position; Dana was blacklisted forever.

That weekend, at a par-W in Baltimore, several gentlemen from Marketing, accompanied by a dozen or so Chromers, nearly tore Victor to shreds. His company accounts had been canceled, so Victor was rushed to a nearby trauma clinic. He packed up and fled the hospital the following Monday, bandages and all.[1]

Operating Style[]

That was a year ago. Since he hit the Washington, D.C. area, Victor has re-established contact with his various contact from the old organization. He is a slick, arrogant hustler who has worked for various criminal syndicates, usually arranging the sale of illegal cybernetics in bulk, the fencing of stolen cyberware, or the procurement of rare "black" tech. In business conversations, he is exceedingly friendly and outgoing, always willing to consider another concession—in exchange for a little favor later. He has good relations with the other syndicates in the city and so far is too small to really bother anybody. His reputation has yet to be firmly established, but so far he has had nothing but satisfied customers. Note that Victor is not above murder, but never without a legitimate grievance.

Victor's only problem now is that the Company is still actively searching for him with intent to prosecute; he needs a hiding place, he needs cash, and he needs reliable contacts. But first—he needs that one big score to get him moving.[1]


INT: 8, LUCK: 6, BOD: 7, TECH: 10, ATT: 9, Rep: 2, REF: 7, EMP: 7, COOL: 10, MA: 6.[1]


Streetdeal +5, Persuasion +6, Pistol +4, Awareness +5, Intimidate +3, Melee +3, Favors (Cyberware) +4, CyberTech +6, Business Sense +3, Accounting +5, Athletics +4, Wardrobe/Style +5, Human Perception +4, Social +5, Education +5, Brawling +3.[1]




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