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Vasily Kornilov was born in Moldova during the time of the homeless riots, his family had to hide for a majority of their time in the country. Vasily moved to Moscow to get away from the heat of the lawless lands of Moldova. He is a large man weighing 215 pounds and standing at 6'7, he was a behemoth before he got any cyberware installed. Vasily is a Thirdman Fixer.


Motivation: Desire of wealth.

Competence: Competent.

Aggressiveness: V. Aggressive.

Glitches: Ladies' man, curious.


2 optics w/infrared, Targeting Eyes, lowlite; audio w/phone link, bug detector, scrambler, stress analyzer; big knucks; biomonitor, 2 plugs.


Streetdeal +4, Pistol +3, Autoweapon +1, Athletics +1, Dance +3, Shadowing/Ditch +2, Russian +2, Gamble +3, Seduction +3, Human Perception +3, Streetwise +2, Intimidate +2.


Large-caliber automatic, vial w/6 doses snapcoke, armored jacket.