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V's apartment (number 0716)[1] is the initial home for V in Cyberpunk 2077. It is located on the 8th floor of the Megabuilding H10 in Little China, Watson.


After the prologue, V stayed with Jackie Welles for six months, living in Mama Welles' house somewhere around in Heywood. Once they got enough money, V rented an apartment at the Megabuilding H10 of Little China, paying a fee each month.[2]


V has access to the stash inside the apartment - which allows the storage of most of the video game items - and can sleep in their bed to skip 6 hours. The apartment also features a bathroom - with a mirror, shower and toilet - as well as a computer, a television, a radio and even a vending machine; all of which are interactable. The computer can be used to check V's email and browse the Net, while the television allows for the viewing of various programs. The radio allows both news and music to be heard.

The window in the apartment has a shutter and overlooks several other buildings, the streets of Little China and the Japantown skyline beyond.

Upon completing certain jobs, V will receive memorabilia decorations which are automatically displayed in the apartment.[2]


V can obtain a cat named Nibbles via the "Feed teh cat" easter egg. Adopting it will add more items to the apartment; a laundry basket next to V's bed that will act as Nibble's bed, a cat bowl right next to the vending machine, and a litter box in the bathroom.


  • V's penthouse from the Path of Glory epilogue can be seen from the apartment's window, on the building on the right side.




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