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United Armaments CLAW is weighing in at 16kg and measuring over 1.2 meters in length, this Close Assault Weapon is designed for use by Combat 'Borgs and Powered Armor, and is totally unmanageable by unenhanced troops without a Powered Exo-Mount The CLAW is a multi-role weapons package, consisting of a semiautomatic 4-gauge shotgun with a modular under-barrel support weapon, all housed in an all-weather, heat-resistant, impact-proof polymer/ceramic composite which is stronger than steel. The 4-gauge shotgun shell was a scattergun round used in the early 20th century to hunt ducks- traditionally, a 4-gauge gun would be bolted down to the stern of a boat, and then the entire boat would be pointed in the general direction of a flock (yes, a whole flock) of ducks or other fowl. After the smoke cleared, the hunters would collect the carcasses floating in the water.

In 2020, the 4-gauge has been revived as an extra-high-lethality munition, using shell casings made of a heat-resistant and heat-absorbing plastic which acts as a thermal sink to ensure that the CLAW does not overheat The 4" Magnum, 4-gauge shell has a bore diameter of 23.75mm (.935-caliber), as opposed to the traditional 12-gauge's 18.5mm bore, giving it the capability to fire an even greater array of sub-munitions than other shotguns. Buckshot (#OOO), "Beehive" flechette shells, slugs, APFSDS rounds, shaped-charge HEAT warheads, minigrenades, non-lethal batons, "Dragon's Breath" thermite blasts, flash/bang bombs, #Slasher" mono-nets, cratering HEP rounds, and gas shells are all available. The bullpup CLAW feeds from a large 28-round box magazine, but the breech can be locked open to allow special rounds to be singly loaded, and the fully automatic firing rate is 425 rounds per minute. Beneath the barrel of the shotgun is an interchangeable underlug, which can be fitted with any one of the following support weapons: an 8-shot microwaver, a cartridge-loading Kendachi flame gun, a 4-shot pump-action 25mm grenade launcher, a 4-shot micromissile launcher or a small SMG (Concealability J). Whatever the support weapon is, its magazine loads forward of the CLAW's grip and trigger array and will have its operation slaved to the weapon's computer; the CLAW comes chipped from the factory, with IFF and security functions as standard features, making it fully compatible with ACPA fire-control systems and metalhead neural processors. This weapon is best known for its employment by the Detroit PD's C-SWAT Enforcer 'borgs.[1][2]

CLAW Ammunition list[]

#000 BUCK : 8D6

SLUG : 9D6+ 2


HEAT : 7D10 (1/2 SP).


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