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Unfinished Sympathy is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


After finishing The Killing Moon by helping Songbird escape to the Moon, Alena Xenakis reaches out to V about wanting to meet up.

Journal Entry[]

Think this is it? The end of the story? Can we finally stop looking over our shoulders? Are we... free? I'd like to think so, but somethin' tells me this is only the beginning. You uncovered mysteries you didn't know existed. You made decisions you couldn't anticipate. Most importantly, though, you still don't know how to save yourself. Always one step forward, two steps back. Same old shit.


  • Talk to Alex.
  • Meet up with Alex.
  • Sit by the bar.
  • Talk to Alex.

Associated Shards[]


  • Some time after this quest, a postcard will be found on V's Apartment door. The text will differ depending on whether V gave the coin to Alex or not.
  • When drinking with Alex, V will have the opportunity to toast for one of a number of deceased characters: Solomon Reed, Jackie Welles, Johnny Silverhand, T-Bug, Evelyn Parker, Scorpion or Goro Takemura (dependent).
    • If V doesn't toast for Reed, they will have the chance to do so when Alex does it for him.
    • If V toasts for Jackie, Johnny will be jealous. If V instead toasts for Johnny, he will be grateful.