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Ukraine is a country in the Cyberpunk universe.


Even after two draughts, one crop-killer virus and overall global weather mess-up, the Ukraine stays the second-greatest food producer in the NeoSov. The black soil for which my land is known is one of the most fertile soils there are. is why the Russians have kept occupying it until the 1990s.

No, really, the Ukraine is now an independent nation—NOT! After the Red Army took off, SovOil immediately returned and bought up 30% of all arable land. So, what's better—being governed by Russians or being owned by them? I think the Hungarians did their thing right you know, resocializing the damned Leviathan.

Ok, you wanna know what my country looks like? Easy, in summer it's a green and pleasant land, in winter you get dry-freezed. Unless of course, you're in the vicinity of Chornobyl. In that case, you're glowing green year-round. This doesn't pertain to the Krim. They have higher temperatures and less rain, lucky bastards. At least, that's what I've been told, when I was young. Judging from what we have here, they probably have the same queer weather the rest of the world has.

Yeah, the weather sure can piss you off. I mean, if you spend all-year on the road running things to Moldova and back, you'd sure be happy if people hadn't messed up the weather back in the twentieth century. A freak storm can really ruin your day.

It's not your business what "things" I'm running to Tiraspol! Ok, maybe for another pack of those American cigarettes, I might be able to chip you in on the story. Gimme two, and I'll recount the Bible backwards...

Look, the Dnjester-Republic is mainly Ukrainian. It was a simple mistake the Moldavians got it when they split off. Now, they've been trying to return to the Ukraine for the last thirty years. There are some people who have turned to using arms in their fight for freedom. And I know people who want these people to get the equipment they need, you understand? Obviously, you don't. rm running guns to loyal patriots, comprende!?Yes, I will calm down...hand me a cigarette, will you?

No, I don't know who is behind all this. People say, it's the government, others say it's SovOil. I don't really care as long as I get my cash.[1]


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