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UR (pronounced "you are") is character in Cyberpunk RED.


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The founder and visionary behind Ziggurat, represents the can do, by the bootstrap spirit of the modern Corp Executive. Little is known about them from before they burst onto the scene in 2030 with an ambitious plan to rebuild communications in the Time of the Red. Extremely charismatic, UR's ambition and enthusiasm united a normally heavily divided Night City Council long enough to build one of the first CitiNets and Data Pools in the world.

UR regularly publishes their thoughts and ideas in the form of video journals on their Garden Patch and constantly seeks to redefine themselves. Over the last two and a half decades, they've chased several fad diets and promoted a broad selection of life philosophies. UR has also explored multiple spiritualities, including a brief but controversial stint spent as a member of a small but intense religion that worships a long-dead Rockerboy, known as the Church of Elvis.

One thing that has remained consistent no matter what trend UR chases is their enthusiasm for bodysculpting. Since 2030, UR has undergone at least three transformations, from a typical tech to a young-Elvis-inspired look, to their current elegant appearance. Most recently, they began adding elements of Exotics sculpting. Rather than undergo complete overhauls, UR changes appearance gradually, tweaking eye color here or lip shape there until they arrive at a fully different form. It has become something of a game for UR's fans to compare the Executive's current appearance in their latest video journal to their last one to discover what the latest tweak is.

Rumors about UR abound but few can be confirmed. Despite regularly recording and releasing video journals, they rarely give away much about their private lives to the public. Those who make a habit of watching UR's video journals have noticed one possible bit of personal information: UR regularly mentions the infamous Rache Bartmoss in a way that indicates the founder of Ziggurat either has, or believes they have, a personal connection to the renegade Netrunner. However, given the volume of misinformation surrounding Bartmoss, this clue provides little insight into UR's life before the Time of the Red.[1]


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