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The U.S. dollar or American Dollar is a currency used exclusively by the United States of America in Cyberpunk. It is a subtype of currency used in the Cyberpunk series.


The American dollar is a staple of the American economy, continuing to be printed by the U.S. federal government and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-backed banks, paying employees in the currency, while banks require payment in it.[1] Changing little from its 20th century counterpart, the U.S. dollar of the 21st century is now made harder to counterfeit through the use of holograms and paper-like plastic. However, the stability of the currency fluctuates, due to the Eurodollar and credit-based currencies.[2] By 2020, the Eurodollar has approximately double the value and purchase power of the U.S. dollar, with the New Yen being close in value to the American dollar.[3]

The Department of Commerce and the Treasury (DOCT) handles the enforcement and policies of the American dollar, investigating potential Eurodollar fraud and forgeries through the Treasury Service, having taken over the former responsibilities of the Secret Service. Due to the relative rarity of the use of the U.S. dollar, the Treasury Service is small in size.[4]


  1. Wildside p.60: "Just because the Eurodollar is the world standard doesn't mean everyone uses Eurodollars exclusively. The United States Government doesn't print Eurobucks, they print American dollars. They pay their employees in American dollars and FDIC-backed banks (the few left) are required to pay in dollars. Even though a lot of businesses use Eurobucks, others still pay in American dollars."
  2. Wildside p.60: "American Dollar ($): Also known as Dead Presidents, Prezzes, Leaves and Grass, the American dollar has changed little from that of the 20th century. It is a little harder to counterfeit, thanks to holograms, and is made out of a plastic that looks and feels like flanneled paper but is immune to most mundane methods of destruction (this cash you can wash, chombata). American dollars are less stable than before, prone to wild fluctuations due to inflation and the quirks of a credit-based economy. In such cases, the holder of a wad of dollar bills can be left holding a pile of junk... junk that's hard to burn even! Oh well, it's only money, right?"
  3. Home of the Brave p.23: "The purchasing power of the Eurodollar is approximately twice the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. The Japanese yen, once a very inflated currency, now hovers near par with the U.S. dollar. The other currencies of the world are a clear second best to the Eurodollar."
  4. Home of the Brave p.51: "The Department of Commerce and the Treasury handles all policy and law enforcement with regard to currency and trade. In short, this is more directed to American currency as a whole. In recent years, however, economic pressure has forced the DOCT to investigate Eurodollar fraud and forgery as well. The Secret Service no longer handles any of this investigation; they are responsible strictly for the President. The new enforcement arm is called the Treasury Service. Aside from enforcement, the DOCT handles all manufacture of monies to be used in the country. Since the American dollar is so seldom used, this arm is small. Tariff and trade status is handled by this Department as well."

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