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Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Sabretooth Tiger, the African Elephant; all big, impressive, ferocious animals. Threatening as hell, just like the M-20. 'Course, they're all extinct—and the mouse isn't. Sometimes big just means more to shoot at."

— Capt. joseph Browning. USMC, Maximum Metal

U.S. M-20 Superheavy is an MBT in Maximum Metal.

Sourcebook Description[]

This monstrosity has yet to leave the testing field. It is reputed to be the biggest MBT since Hitler's Maus. Experts are already scoffing at it, saying that it's too heavy and too big to operate anywhere except reinforced concrete runways.[1]
Special Equipment: Composite Armor, amphibious modifications, damage control, environment control, 12 man-hours life-support, anti-laser aerosol, chaff and IR smoke dispensers, 6 IR smoke projectors, AEAMS, military radio with scrambler, laser communicator, satellite uplink, multi-target, microwave and visual rangefinders, auto-pilot and navigation system, cybernetic linkage, ECM, ECCM, image enhancement, laser detector, microwave detector, military radar, military radar detector, telecopic optics, thermograph.[1]
Weapons: Stabilized 3cm Rail Gun with extra magazine in turret. AGAMS in turret atop main turret. 30mm Autocannons in articulated mounts (one on each side of the hull), with robotic weapons control. HATGM with 11 active optic/thermal missiles in fixed hull mount forward. +5 fire control computer for Rail Gun; +3 fire control computers for 30mm guns[1]


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