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The Tsunami Arms "Airhammer" Air Pistol was designed by Tsunami Arms for the Crystal Palace security force. The Airhammer fires a 5.3x19mm projectile via compressed air, which is controlled by 3 settings: Target, Combat, and Overload.

  • Target setting gives 1/2 damage; high performance is not necessary
  • Combat is the normal setting; no modifiers are applied
  • Overload drops reliability to UR and uses 3 units.

Replacing the reservoir is a 10 second operation, requiring a 15+ REF roll to keep from dropping the small part; this can be avoided by taking 20 seconds.[1][2]


  • Solo: 5-round magazine, laser sight, 10-shot gun-camera.
  • Security: Model Mk2, 7-round magazine, smartgun rig.


  • Kendachi Frag Flechette: 1D6+2 explosive ceramic darts
  • Normal Flechette: 1D6+2AP (soft armor x1/4); special plastic shatters against walls or hard armors
  • JellSluggs: 2D6+2; treat as rubber bullets
  • Gas Capsule: throws 2m diameter gas cloud on impact; effects depend on gas type
  • Practice: 1D6-1; uses plastic slug


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