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Tsunami Defense Systems (also known as Tsunami Design Bureau or Tsunami Arms) is one of the four largest weapons manufacturers located in Japan and is considered one of the top-tier weapons manufacturers in the world.[1]

Originally formed by three ambiguous individuals who founded an airsoft gun manufacturing company in the 1990s, when the Japanese government made it possible for private companies to obtain weapons production licenses in 1998, Tsunami was quick to do so. The company would then go on to become a secretive, innovative entity and a favorite weapons manufacturer of otakus. Tsunami would also provide custom/special orders for those with the wealth to make such requests. In the present day, Tsunami continues to design and produce weaponry and weapons paraphernalia for Solos and corporate militaries alike.


1990s - 2010s[]

Tsunami was founded by three friends; Toshio Yamabatsu, Timothy Davidson, and Michelle Teguchi in Osaka, Japan, beginning as a Japanese airgun company. The corporation was born in the Net, and this had colored its image to an extent as it was considered a very eclectic, loosely organized group of personnel dissimilar to the standard structure commonly associated with large scale corporations. Tsunami utilized the latest in computer-assisted design and manufacturing equipment and had maintained a reputation for being more than a little ahead of the competition in regards to leading edge technology. This was a reputation that had many mystified as, on face value, it appeared to lack the resources and manpower to rival giants like Militech in terms of research and development.[2]

Originally, Tsunami was in the business of designing, building, and testing prototype weaponry; once it met their approval, they then licensed the design to a manufacturer, who would then produce and market Tsunami's product. During the 2010s, many independent weapons manufacturers produced several designs originally envisioned by Tsunami, and were generally perceived to be high-end, cutting-edge weapons.

Tsunami then, under the branding name "Tsunami Arms", also produced an extensive line of limited issue weapons of their own manufacture including railguns, lasers, special-purpose weaponry, powered armor sidearms and specialized handguns. Many of these designs were custom made to a customer's personal specifications.[2] Much of their custom weaponry were competition pieces, designed for athletes and professionals.

Surprisingly enough, the R&D department was Tsunami's smallest branch, despite Tsunami being considered at the cutting edge of most areas of technology. This is attributed to a small, well-chosen crack team of researchers and Net-surfers. While not a major income source, their think-tank was highly respected for its ability to provide solutions to almost any technical problem in theory, even if that solution could not be implemented due to technical limitations.[2]


By 2020, Tsunami was one of the four major weapon suppliers of Japan's Self Defense Force. The corporation, whilst small, was a top grade weapons manufacturer.

At some point, a rogue AI named 'Muramasa' was stolen/escaped from its parent creator, the Arasaka Corporation, and was employed by Tsunami. In Japan, rumors circulated of its asylum with the company, although Tsunami flatly denied such claims. The Arasaka Corporation placed a bounty on the retrieval of Muramasa, which enticed the notorious AI hunter known as 'Blackheart' to begin searching for its whereabouts. Blackheart came close to finding Muramasa, which could have been potentially disastrous for the AI and Tsunami. To counter this threat, Tsunami contracted a team from Night City to travel to Hong Kong and intercept Blackheart.[2]

For many years prior, Tsunami had been a top-secret organization, working strictly behind the scenes, providing designs to governments, wealthy solos, athletes and select corporations, but from 2017 to 2020, they had expanded their services into the mass market. The response was excellent, and Tsunami's economic growth was massive and rapid.


By 2077, Tsunami Defense Systems is one of three top-tier weapons manufacturers in the world. The corporation is well recognized by most for its elite and dizzyingly expensive sniper rifles that utilize their trademark cutting edge technology. Tsunami's flagship pistol, the Nue, became one of their most popular products, and is considered the unchallenged and highest-grade pistol on the market.[3]


Tsunami's employees are an eclectic bunch, ranging from R&D experts with three doctorates working in machine shops to streetwise techies working in high-energy laboratories. They are, without exception, innovative geniuses, multi-disciplinarians, and many are combat trained. Tsunami's dress code is simple; wear clothes (and always carry a gun on your person). They are well paid, well treated, and devoted to the company with a loyalty that borders on fanaticism in a world where most corporations treat their employees almost as slave labor.[2]

Notable Employees[]

Main article: Tsunami employees

Public Relations[]

Tsunami Arms Conflict 2020

Tsunami Defense Systems maintains a healthy image in the public eye as a top tier weapons manufacturer. It has little to do in the way of social issues, either positively or negatively.

Enemies and Allies[]

Tsunami is on good terms with most of their competitors, simply because of their specialized niche market and the additional revenues brought in by high-quality designs tested by Tsunami and marketed for almost universal use by various other rivals and competitors. They are on particularly good terms with Militech, as both companies are involved in a joint project known as 'Hurricane Arms'. Raven Microcybernetics also maintains an ongoing contract with Tsunami for small arms purchases for their security personnel.

Tsunami has also cultivated a good working relationship with InfoComp, which many analysts theorize has played more than a small role in Tsunami's disproportionate amount of breakthrough developments.

One notable exception to Tsunami's generally genial relations is Arasaka, with whom Tsunami has maintained a state of low-level hostility almost from the company's inception. This was escalated by Arasaka to near-conflict in 2017 and only quick action by lnfoComp and Militech prevented Tsunami's takeover or annihilation. The reasoning behind this mutual enmity is, officially, unknown.[2]


Tsunami provides first rate medical facilities in each of their branches. They also maintain a fleet of AV craft, helicopters, and corporate jets. Although their security and covert operatives are extremely well armed with conventional and heavy weapons, they have immediate access to little in the way of military grade vehicles or artillery. Tsunami maintains at least three top secret testing and construction facilities, one somewhere in Japan, one in the NUSA, and a third in an unknown location.[2]



Tsunami Arms is one of the most prominent weapons manufacturers in the world, producing state-of-the-art weapons for edgerunners to purchase worldwide.

Type Products
Pistols Airhammer, Racegun, Raimei, CLAB-4
Rifles Tsunami Arms Underbarrel Capacitor Lasers/Microwavers, Type-17, Ramjet, Horizon,Mandolin
Assault Rifles BR-404
Shotguns Ragnarok, Helix
Machine gun SS-56
Explosives Type-18


Type Products
Heavy Weapons Type-18, Type-18-S


Tsunami Defense Systems weapons are cutting edge technology and are top of the line in 2077. Tsunami is disproportionately purchased mainly by the upper class and private militaries due to the expense of their products. Tsunami's weaponry and parphenalia, besides being available in standard neo-militaristic designs suitable for corporate armies and professionals, also comes in a multitude of eccentric colors; from fluorescent pink or green scopes to brightly colored yellow, orange and red firearms. This is a likely nod to the company's airsoft origins. This list provides all products available to V in Cyberpunk 2077.[3]

Type Products
Pistols Kappa, Nue[3]
Assault Rifles Kyubi
Sniper Rifles Nekomata[3], Ashura[3], Rasetsu[3]
Scopes Hyakume, Gaki
Muzzles RC-7 Kutrub
Grenades EMP Grenade (Sticky, Homing)



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