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Trenton Parker holds the second largest amount of Petrochem Stock and is the current Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. Trenton inherited control of the company in 2003, when his father, Louis, died. Unlike his father, Trenton does not have absolute control over the corporation. He shares power with Ellen Trieste, and in fact, has fewer shareholder votes than she does. His decisions as CEO are subject to her scrutiny, approval and modification.

Trenton is understandably paranoid about his position with in the corporation. His position as CEO is due only to Ellen Trieste's deference to the company's tradition of family leadership. She gave him die position as a gesture of appeasement after persuading die board to remove Trenton's family name from that of the corporation. It is well known that Trieste would prefer to have a non-share holding CEO that she can manipulate, but she has not acted on this yet because such a move would be unpopular with die other directors, many of whom are still loyal to Trenton. Trenton is doing his best to consolidate support before Trieste changes her mind. That day is coming, and it will mark the start of a major power war within the corporation. When the dust settles, either Ellen Trieste or Trenton Parker will be gone. Trent has given up his tactic of waiting for die aged Trieste to die. Not only has she persisted despite failing health, but her "husband," Angus Youngblood, stands to benefit from her schemes, and he will no doubt perpetuate them after her death. Trent is now planning on a full-scale power struggle involving most of the members of the board of directors.

Trenton Parker is a handsome, tall man of forty-six. He is fit and strong, and follows in his family's tradition of sportsmanship. He is an accomplished rider and mountaineer, and spends much of his leisure time enjoying what's left of the wilderness. Unfortunately, his position requires that he be tailed by a discreet security force at all times. Trent takes good care of his body, exercising regularly and adhering to a strict diet. His job has forced him to have a chipware socket and interface plugs implanted, but he refuses to use any other cyberware. He is a vociferous and opinionated man, making friends and enemies with equal facility as he speaks his mind freely.[1]


Resources 9, Personal Grooming 5, Style 6, Endurance 5, Oratory 4, Leadership 5,Seduction 4, Social 7, Persuasion and Fast Talk 3,Awareness/Notice 6, Education and General Knowledge 8, Wilderness Survival 7, Athletics 4,Brawling 5, Driving 6, Riding 8, Handgun 5, Rifle 7, Expert Petrochem Corp. 7, Expert Business 6,Expert Petrochemicals 4, Expert Management 8, Stock Market 8.[1]


Basic Processor, Chipware Socket, Data Term Link, Interface Plugs.[1]


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