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Transmission is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


After clearing the Grand Imperial Mall and returning to Batty's Hotel, Brigitte leads V to the Maglev Tunnel beneath the Pacifica Serenity Bible Church. This is a hideout of the Voodoo Boys and the physical location of their Data Fortress, Rezo Agwe. Brigitte exploits V and Johnny Silverhand to communicate with Alt Cunningham, who can help the Voodoo Boys' members go through the Blackwall.

In cyberspace, V experiences one of Johnny's inaccurate memories. In the memory, the player will control Johnny in the year 2013.

Never Fade Away[]

Main article: Never Fade Away (quest)

In 2013, Alt Cunningham was abducted by goons hired by Arasaka. Johnny tried to defeat the goons but got ambushed by one of the goons using Mantis Blades. Johnny was later saved and taken to a Ripperdoc called Milt Nauman by Lyle Thompson, a Media who initially planned to meet Alt at the same time.

Later, Johnny hired Rogue and Santiago to break into Arasaka Tower and save Alt together. Rogue was initially unwilling to get involved. However, in the middle of the meeting between Johnny and the two, Arasaka agents broke in the location. They succesfully escaped from the agents. After defeating the agents, Johnny finally got into his car, with Lyle driving. Rogue and Santiago took motorcycles. They went to a safe place and planned the strike. Johnny organized his fans to make a rebellion against Arasaka, and decided to call Nancy to report the rebellion, in order to distract Arasaka. Then Johnny, Rogue, Santiago, and Lyle struck into Arasaka Tower and approached the mainframe. They finally found Alt, who had been jacked in Soulkiller. Johnny unceremoniously killed Toshiro next to Alt, and subsequently unplugged Alt from the mainframe, denying her to return to her body. Much to Johnny's madness, he punched Lyle since Lyle was still recording for the news. Then Johnny had to admit that Alt was dead.

The Blackwall[]

After the playback, V is returned to cyberspace. V talks to Johnny about the memory, and then flashes back to Brigitte in cyberspace. Brigitte takes V and her Netrunners next to the Blackwall, and sends V to go through the Blackwall and talks to Alt Cunningham for taking the Voodoo Boys' members through the Blackwall.

If V has chosen to cooperate with Bryce Mosley in I Walk the Line:

Because the shard given by the agent has removed Placide's malware in V but installed NetWatch's own tracker. Once the VDB's contact Alt, she realizes NetWatch is taking action and to stop them she flatlines the Voodoo Boys except for V.
After V exits cyberspace, with Brigitte and her Netrunners' bodies lying on the chairs, the rest of the Voodoo Boys' members led by Placide are on alert. V must defeat Placide and the remaining Voodoo Boys' members to escape the church.

If V has followed Placide's plan in I Walk the Line:

With Alt's aid, the Voodoo Boy's Netrunners successfully go through the Blackwall.
After V and Brigitte exit cyberspace, V confronts Brigitte, and Brigitte finally forces V to leave. V can go leave the church peacefully or choose to use violence.

Journal Entry[]

It actually fucking worked. Working with the Voodoo Boys, Brigitte... It leads us straight to Alt. Looks like your troubles are over, kid. Fixing your head is gonna be a walk in the park for Alt, that I guarantee. You just do what Brigitte says for now - I'll handle the rest.


  • Follow Brigitte.
  • Talk to Brigitte.
  • Get in the ice bath.
  • Wait for the connection.
  • Talk to Brigitte.
  • Investigate the source of the noises.
  • Unblock Johnny's memories.
  • Talk to Brigitte.
  • Touch the Blackwall.
  • Talk to Alt.
  • Talk to Brigitte.
  • Leave the chapel.


  • The Never Fade Away job occurs during Transmission.
  • If this job is completed by wiping out the Voodoo boys, their generic members who are normally found on the street will disappear from the game, and will no longer spawn.
  • In-game, the place where Johnny and V converse with Alt is physically located in an area named Unknown, which is almost right under Batty's Hotel in Pacifica, some distance below the map. It is a cyberspace recreation of the square room in front of Saburo's office.
  • Depending on how V deals with the Voodoo Boys here, extra dialogue and gameplay options will appear in the Phantom Liberty DLC mission The Damned.