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The Toyo-Chevrolet '17 Chevy is a car introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

The '17 Chevy is car possibly the least inspired automobile in the history of automobiles. It is virtually a copy of every selling feature seen on every rival passenger sedan on the market. Intended as a marketing ploy, the imitation instead made the '17 Chevy nearly invisible; it has no distinct look that sets it apart from any of its competitors.
Maneuver Speed: 30 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 30 mpg
Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons CHOOH2
Game Notes: The '17 Chevy (and its competitors) can haul 150 kg of cargo in addition to its passengers. If not carrying cargo, it can haul up to 5 passengers (provided that the three in the back are very friendly with one another).


  1. can have up to 5 if not carrying cargo
  2. only if there's 4 or less passengers