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Towa Manufacturing is a weapons manufacturer from Japan.


In the 2020s, Towa was the largest weapons-only manufacturing company from Kiyosu, Japan. Founded in 1998, based on the weapon manufacturing companies from the years before WW2. They were well known for their weapons having incredible accuracy at a great price. Most of the NPA and SDF weapons were made by them. Towa never exported their goods overseas, and kept the majority of their business in Japan. They supposedly made several brilliant breakthroughs in the production of accurate parts for their weapons; secret techniques the Japanese government didn't want other countries to know about.[1]

By 2045, Towa weaponry had become reputed for their poor quality.[2]



Type Products
Pistols Type-12 Police Pistol, Type-13 Pistol, Type-14 Police Pistol
Assault rifles Type 99 Assault Rifle, Type 20 Advance Infantry Combat Weapon
Sniper Type 00-Kai Sniper Rifle
Heavy weapons Type-8 Medium Machine gun, Type 9 Grenade Launcher


Type Products
Grenade Launchers Type-G, Type-G*2
Rocket Launchers Type-R, Pocket Launcher, Type-R*2
Pistols Type-12 Police Pistol
Sniper Rifles Type-00-Kai


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