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Disambig This article is about the club in Cyberpunk 2020 & RED. For club in 2077, see Totentanz (Watson).

The Totentanz (German: Dance of death) is a club in Night City, located in City Center in Cyberpunk 2020 and the Old City Center in Cyberpunk RED.


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When the owner of the bar named it "deathdance," he was not aware how close to reality that name would become.[1][2] Set on the top three floors of Burleson Tower,[3] the Totentanz became well-known as a place to find boostergangs. They congregated here, but not for the pleasure of dancing. Instead, it was considered a bad night if the body count was less than twenty.[1][2]

During the early 2020s, this poorly-supervised club was a place where a lot of gang members went to work up some adrenaline before getting laid. The music was loud, the drinks strong, and the patrons rowdy to an extreme. The local ambulance companies no longer made runs here because too many of the casualties of this club couldn't pay their bills. Late at night, groups of boostergangers made trips to Medicross Preservation to finance their next round of drinks. The NCPD let Totentanz stay open for two reasons: one; it killed the punks, and two; the gangs would get very upset if the place got closed down.[3]

In 2023, Totentanz barely escaped the AHQ Disaster. Unfortunately, the building was close enough to the disaster site and was soon abandoned. At some point later, Maelstrom took control of Burleson Tower and reopened the Totentanz.[citation needed]

By 2045, the bar was at the edge of then named Hot Zone. It was still well-known as a place to find boostergangs, and the tradition to congregate here not to dance was still going on. As before, less than twenty deaths was a bad night.[4]

Due to the poor state of Burleson Tower, it was a matter of time before the building collapsed on top of the Maelstromers and their guests. To avoid that, Flenser sent people to find a new place for Maelstrom. She had a list with some places in the Watson Development, though she was preferably looking for another hotel.[5] Eventually, this endeavor proved successful and a new Totentanz was opened in an abandoned-under construction hotel in the north of the city.[6]


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