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Toshiro Hikaru the regional manager of Arasaka security in France, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.


Toshiro was born in Tokyo, where he attended excellent schools. From his 20th birthday, he served Arasaka, specializing in largescale black ops. After ten years of outstanding service, Toshiro was offered a position as "security services manager? He accepted, and rapidly decybered his body, leaving only the options he felt were essential or stylish. The biomonitor is a job requirement; hooked directly into a company AI; several response teams will respond to a flatline or other trouble signs.

Toshiro has commanded Arasaka forces around the world, in addition to advising a dozen different governments and companies. He also spent five months redesigning the Vancouver police department after Arasaka took over the force.

Right now, Toshiro is regional manager of Arasaka security across France, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark; the height of his career. CINOs security agreement with Arasaka brings Toshiro directly into the action.

CINOs security agreement takes up most of Toshiro's time, so for the most part he leaves subordinates in charge of his other operations. If hostilities heat up, expect him to become more determined than ever to fulfill his mission.

On the exterior, Toshiro seems a good-natured, learned man, always polite and refined, though somewhat quiet and reserved (certainly not the type one would expect as regional head of Arasaka Security). His interior is far darker: A former cybersolo, a deleted past, over a hundred deaths.[1]


Resources 7, Combat Sense 5, Awareness &, Human Perception 6, Education 5, Business Sense 5, Style 2, Personal Grooming 2, Pistol 6, Karate 6, Melee 6, Rifle 6, Athletics 5, Interrogation 4, Stealth 3, First Aid 2, Heavy Weapons 2, Japanese (Native), French 6, English 4, German 4.[1]


Processor, Interface Plugs, Orbital Crystal Cyberarm, Biomonitor, Stress Chip.[1]


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