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So... Ms. Cunningham. I wish for you to tell me all about the program you call... Soulkiller.

— Toshiro, Cyberpunk RED

Toshiro Harada[1] is an Arasaka executive who appears in the Cyberpunk universe.[2]



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[Reason: Missing a lot from the retouched Never Fade Away adventure from RED. Contains inaccurate information from 2077 (as it's an unreliable memory.]

Toshiro was in charge of the Arasaka regional office of Night City during its construction.[3] During this time he found out about a brilliant netrunner named Alt Cunningham working for ITS who created a program known as Soulkiller.[4] He organized a booster gang to kidnap Alt and bring her to the tower unharmed. Once Alt awoke in his office he greeted her with a drink and asked her about the program she developed. He considered her a valuable asset to helping him recreate her work in the Arasaka office mainframe. During this time Johnny Silverhand created a riot to assault the Arasaka Tower.[5] Johnny, Rogue, Santiago, and Thompson entered into the building and fought through many Arasaka guards. Toshiro's bodyguard Akira fought them protecting him and Alt from interruptions. However he was killed and Johnny entered the room while Alt was connected to the mainframe. Toshiro warned Johnny not to proceed, but was shot and killed by him before disconnecting Alt killing her in the process.[3]


When V entered the Blackwall of the Net, they relived one of Johnny Silverhand's inaccurate memories of 2013, where Johnny, Rogue, Santiago and Thompson fought Akira, who was defending Toshiro. Once Akira was defeated, Silverhand confronted Toshiro over Alt's body and, after a brief conversation, ended his life by shooting him in the head.[6]


  • Toshiro was originally known as Toshiro Arasaka, presumably a member of the Arasaka family along with Kenji Arasaka. However in Cyberpunk 2020, Toshiro was mentioned without a last name, and Kenji Arasaka was rewritten entirely into Kei Arasaka. Possible reasoning was to potentially not kill off a member of the Arasaka family so quick in the lore.
  • An unpublished story states that Johnny's Porsche was originally owned by Toshiro.



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