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Time Machine is a music store found in The Glen sub-district of Heywood, Night City. It is located on the same street as the Embers club.

The nearest fast travel point is "Senate & Market".


Machine Time is the most famous music store in all of Night City. Artists of the likes of Kerry Eurodyne vist it from time to time.[1]

A shop primarily dedicated to rock music, Machine Time sells a range of items - drums, pianos, some acoustic instruments and especially electric guitars. It also sells many rock albums - Samurai, Eurodyne, Cutthroat - but its catalogue extends to include other musical genres, adding to the list artists like Lizzy Wizzy, Us Cracks or Tainted Overlord.

Journey Ruiz is the store vendor.

Database Entry

Time Machine

The best music store in Night City, maybe even in all of California. Apart from new releases and special deals, you can find real vintage gems procured by the owner, but the closest you'll get to those at first are through the catalog. If you prove yourself enough of a connoisseur, the store owner might give you her inventory of her priceless items and maybe even let you into the veritable music heaven that is the back room. It's no surprise that its location is mostly known by fans, but also artists and famous stars.[2]

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