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Disambig This article is about the Galena G240. For other variants, see Thorton Galena.

Cheap and reliable, this cult favorite was immortalized in the 2034 punk-rock hit, "Poundin' Gina in my Galena."

— Galena G240, Cyberpunk 2077

The Galena G240 is a vehicle manufactured by Thorton in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Database Entry[]

Thorton Galena G240 (2031)


It used to be people only desired bread and circuses. By the 21st century, however, automobiles were added to the list. Without a car, you can't get to work, drop off the kids at kindergarten or escape spontaneous turf wars. The Thorton Galena first hit roads in 2031 following a government stimulus to pump out affordable cars and give Americans a boost following the recession. As Thorton didn't have much experience producing small cars at the time, the company bought engines for the Galena from India's Mahir Motors. Unfortunately, the collaboration was not considered a success, with the Galena yielding unremarkable performance and even less remarkable sales. Still, it drives - and that's the most important thing.[1]


It can be acquired from the AUTOFIXER netpage for €$13,000.

Known owners[]


  • The G240 is the cheapest purchasable vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Prior to the introduction of AUTOFIXER, Regina Jones sold the car via a text message: "V, my favorite merc! I got a Galena I'm selling. Hasn't been driven much - guy who owned it for the last ten years was paranoid as shit of going outside cuz he was afraid "they" would zero him - car sat unsolved for all that time. But you can't escape fate, right? Stray lead caught him through his window. Moral of the story's that you gotta grab life by the fucking balls. So don't be no scrooge, whip out your credchip and buy this baby."


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