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The Streetkid is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It is one of the three possible starting jobs, and is only available to players who chose the Streetkid Lifepath. V grew up in the streets of Heywood, Night City before looking for greener pastures in Atlanta. Several years later and no better off, V returns to their hometown and fatefully decides to help out a friend.


You start out setting your broken nose at the El Coyote Cojo bar located in The Glen. Pepe, the bartender, tells you that he took out a loan from Kirk Sawyer, a new small-time Fixer in town, and Kirk is threatening to break his legs if he doesn't pay soon. Pepe requests that you either talk to Kirk into either forgetting about the debt or finding another way to settle it.

You approach Kirk and, while the he refuses to forgive Pepe's debt, a deal is settled. Kirk tasks you to steal a Rayfield Aerondight owned by a corporate from Arasaka; If you can do this one thing for him, then he will forget about the debt Pepe owes him, and will even pay you some extra for the job. After agreeing to the deal, you head over to Westbrook where the car is located, hitching a ride with Padre, a friend and local Fixer. Despite a brief confrontation with 6th Street gangoon Sam Carter, Padre delivers you to your destination and gives you his card.

Using the service key given to you by Kirk that can unlock the car and turn it on, supposedly bypassing the alarm systems on the car to prevent the Night City Police Department from being alerted, things seem to be going smoothly until someone suddenly opens the door from the outside, and you find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun wielded by Jackie Welles, who intends to take the car for himself. You are then interrupted by the sudden arrival of NCPD and Inspector Stints, who capture both of you and has his officers pin you to the ground. Stints criticizes the two of you on your life choices and how little has changed, but before he can take you in, an Arasaka corporate, Kaoru Fujioka, who owns the car, comes to see the commotion. He uses his corporate reputation to order Stints to break your legs and dump the two of you in the river to drown. The officers knock you unconscious, but Stints instead just decides to leave both of you in in the alley since he dislikes corpos as much as everyone else.

Once you wake up in the alley, you and Jackie talk as you take a moment to recover. After getting to know you and the reason why you were stealing the Aerondight he had his eyes on, Jackie says that Kirk isn't as powerful as he seems to be, and his threats against Pepe are hollow at best. Jackie then invites you to breakfast, ending the questline leading into an introduction montage of Night City

Journal Entry[]

Hows it feel bein' back home, V? C'mon, admit it - you missed Heywood. What, between all the dealers, hookers and total lack of opportunities, it's got its charm, don't it? You're born in Heywood, you die in Heywood. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, that is. What about you, chica/mano? That include you?
If there were an ad for Night City, it'd have Kirk's dumb, grinning face on it. He's slick, thinks he's smarter than he really is and is kind of an asshole, but whenever you call him, he's got the next Big Job that'll rake in millions - like stealing a car from a secure parking garage. 'Cause obviously the millionaires of the future are sitting in the Coyote Cojo scarfing down chili burgers... right?


  • Find Kirk on the second floor.
  • Talk to Kirk.
  • Leave the bar.
  • Go to Embers.
  • Talk to Padre.
  • Get in Padre's car.
  • Ride with Padre to Embers.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Take the elevator to the garage.
  • Find the Rayfield.
  • Find Rick. [Optional]
  • Disable the lock using Kirk's device.
  • Get in the car.
  • Steal the Rayfield.
  • Talk to the thief.
  • Talk to the police officers.
  • Talk to Jackie.