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The Space in Between is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


After receiving more information from Oswald Forrest as to Evelyn Parker's location, head to Fingers' clinic on Jig-Jig Street. Before going there, V has the option to let Judy know. She will be waiting for V in front of Fingers' office whether V calls her or not.

V must find a way to get inside Fingers' office. Once inside, V and Judy will talk to Fingers. Moving further in Fingers' office, V can interrogate him to get more information about Evelyn's whereabouts. There are several methods to get the information, but in the end, V and Judy gets all the necessary information.

Journal Entry[]

If I've learned one thing from joyhouses, it's to quit while the going's good. Stare at those fake smiles too long, and all you'll see is misery. As far as clubs go they're all pretty pathetic, but at least it's in their own way. You know the chances of finding Evelyn are close to zilch, right? Like that's gonna change your mind... Anyway, let's go pay a visit to this so-called Fingers. But if we don't find Parker, you owe me a drink.


  • Go to Jig-Jig Street
  • Find Fingers' clinic
  • Talk to the thugs
  • Enter the clinic
  • Talk to Judy
  • Sit and talk to the joytoys (Optional)
  • Find a way into Fingers' office.
  • Talk to Fingers
  • Interrogate Fingers


  • During this job, you can find an iconic one-handed club, Cottonmouth, on the bed inside Fingers' office.
  • Punching Fingers at any point during the interrogation will lock you out from purchasing any Cyberware from him.
  • There is a bug where Fingers will not be selling you any Cyberware after the quest because you've injured him before the quest.