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Disambig This article is about the club in Cyberpunk 2020. For the bar in RED, see The Slammer (RED).

The Slammer is a club featured in the pen and paper RPGs Cyberpunk 2020.


The Slammer started out many years ago as a small speed-metal/punk rock club. Over the years, the constant standing-room-only crowds generated so much income that The Slammer expanded to cover the entire south and east sides of the block were it was located. In the 2020s, the bar and arena was owned by Suds Joliet, a former Booster and Rocker. The venue was favored by Boostergangs, Posers, Chromers, 'dorphers and the occasional Solo, in addition to any other brave souls who loved hardcore punk rock.

Although many people came to drink or meet with prospective contacts, the main attraction of this bar was the Arena, and thankfully so. Were it not for the vicarious pleasure offered by the Arena, there would be constant brawls in the club.

The interior of The Slammer was close, due to both the large number of small tables, and the number of patrons. It was a miracle if you could walk to the bar without bumping half a dozen people and getting in the same number of shouting matches or brief scuffles. Pickpockets were common there, though novices don't last long.

The structure on the east side of the block was called the Arena, and was built out of several layers of cinder blocks. It was used to settle disputes between gangs (free of charge, but there was a waiting list). These battles usually took place between two or three of a gang's best fighters, but wars of up to ten or fifteen people on a side were known to happen. Under an unwritten code of the street, a gang who accepted a challenge must abide by the "decision" rendered by the outcome of the battle.

Between the arena and the club proper were the betting booths (run by the club) and a medical center, which in the 2020s was staffed by a renegade cybersurgeon known as Vaso. There were also glass walkways above the arena where those who could afford the ticket price could also stand and watch the battles below. Those of a rougher edge often engaged in intercourse while watching a battle.

The gang presence in this area, coupled with the nearby NCPD station and security guards, made walking those streets about as enjoyable as bird-watching in a DMZ.[1]


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